Lightweight Music Player that Plays MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV

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Butterfly is a very simple and lightweight music player. It can play mp3, aac, ogg, flac, wav, pcm, etc. music files. You can also create a playlist and save that playlist to its native format. Apart from this, it comes with 9-band equalizers to add effects to play the audio tracks. You can bulk insert audio files or import a whole folder to add the tracks for playing.

It doesn’t come with advanced features that we mostly find with some good media players. It is just another basic music player that can fulfill the requirement of listening to tracks while working on PC.

Butterfly- free music player

In above screenshot, you can see the simple interface of this free music player.

Play Tracks with This Simple, Lightweight, and Free Music Player:

Download this free music player using the link available at the end of this review. Its setup file is less than 2 MB and installation part is also very simple.

Open its interface and add music files on its interface. It doesn’t support drag n drop feature, but you can use buttons (present in Home menu) to insert audio files or a whole folder that contains your audio tracks.

After adding the music files, you can see the list of those files on its interface. On the bottom part of its interface, it provides a slider to view the progress of playing music file, and options to adjust the volume. Bitrate of currently playing song is also visible which I think is a good feature.

add tracks and play

Apart from this, it provides different menus, such as:

  • You can use Home menu to shuffle songs and automatically sort songs. This menu also comes with the option to edit tags for the selected track. However, you can only edit artist name, track name, and album name.
    edit tags for a song
  • You can also add songs in queue. When shuffle is enabled, this option won’t work.
  • Effects menu provides options to set the tempo rate, pitch, and use Equalizer provided by this player. You simply need to move the sliders associated with equalizer/tempo rate and save the changes to feel the applied effects.
    set tempo rate and use equalizer


This free music player is far away from those features that users expect with some good music or media player. There are no themes, doesn’t support other format playlists to import, and it doesn’t help to fetch lyrics for input tracks. It is designed only for playing some common format music files. If you want to try this player, click on the link present below:

Get Butterfly player free.

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