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OpenSales is a community powered Chrome extension to find business email addresses of LinkedIn prospects for free. It gives you 100 credits each month to find valid email addresses as a part of lead collection process. You can build email lists with it and then export them in CSV format.

Free credits which this LinkedIn tool offers you are in exchange for your contact list from Gmail/Outlook. Otherwise, you will only get 5 credits. There is no paid tier or anything like that. All the users of OpenSales will get 100 credits and 1 credit is exhausted as soon as you click on “Get contact info”. However, whether you will get the email address is not guaranteed.

The extension automatically gets activated when you visit a LinkedIn profile. After that, you can start the email search, given that you have enough credits left in your quota. This is as simple as that. You can collect emails in different lists and even copy individual contact from them to use it anywhere.

Find Business Emails of LinkedIn Prospects for Free using OpenSales

How to Find Business Emails of LinkedIn Prospects for Free using OpenSales?

Simply start by installing OpenSales Chrome extension and then sign up for a free account. To prevent spam and bots, you will have to verify your phone number in order to get access. Initially, you will get 5 credits.

OpenSales Sign UP

To get the full 100 credits, you will have to connect your contact list from Gmail or Outlook. In addition, you will also have to allow it to read email signatures in your mailbox. This is all due to the fact that this extension doesn’t have any data of its own and relies on the data it collects after the consent of its users.

OpenSales Contribute Contacts List

Now, after you have unlocked 100 credits for you, you can start using it. Just go to any LinkedIn profile you are interested in to get the contact information. It will automatically load the profile and will show you some miscellaneous information.

OpenSales Inspect Profile

Click on “Get contact info” button. It will take a few moments and will reveal the email address of the user. This is as simple as that. You can copy the email address that it has found and push it to the default or a custom email list.

OpenSales Email Revealed

After you have collected enough email addresses, then you can export them. Just select an email list from the dropdown and then click on the export option to save it in CSV format.

OpenSales Email Lists Export

In this way, you can use this simple and useful community powered lead finder Chrome extension. It works in most cases, and you can find almost anyone’s email address. However, for now it has a limited user base and thus it fails on people working in startups or not commonly known companies.

Closing thoughts:

If you are working in marketing or sales department then you will find OpenSales one of the best free tools to find professional email addresses on LinkedIn. Being community sourced make sit a bit more usable. And as the community grows, the number of leads and prospects will grow exponentially. So I hope more people start using it, as that will make it easier to find ways to connect to the right people to promote or sell products & servcies.

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