How to Assign Tasks to People using Google Docs

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This tutorial explains how to assign tasks to people while working on Google Docs.

Google Docs has a native feature to collaborate with friends and add comments while working on a particular document. However, it doesn’t come with the feature to assign tasks to people (collaborators or non-collaborators). To make it possible, there is a free Chrome extension, named Action.

Action extension works with Google Docs and provides a task manager window (or sidebar) in Google Docs document. Using that window, you can add tasks, give those tasks to team members or new attendees, set the due date, and send emails to them directly from Google Docs. Apart from this, it also lets you generate the spreadsheet to track the progress of tasks.

You can give access to your team members to that spreadsheet so that they can update it and you can come to know the progress. Whether you have to invite someone to attend the meeting, share a task with a person, or any other thing, it can be done while working on Google Docs document using this extension.

assign tasks to people using Google Docs and track the progress

In the screenshot above, you can see the tasks assigned by me and progress of tasks using this free Chrome extension.

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Key Features of this Chrome Extension are:

  • You can assign tasks to any person even if he/she is not a collaborator.
  • All the collaborators are automatically added to the task manager window of this extension. This lets you easily find the person to assign a task.
  • You can use ‘@’ as hotkey while adding a text (as task) in a document and select the person to assign the task. Along with this, you can also use ‘#‘ to set the due date or time to complete the task.

use hotkey to assign a task

How To Assign Tasks to People using Google Docs and Track the Progress?

Here are the steps to use this extension:

Step 1: Go to the homepage of this extension and install it. After this, you need to open Google Docs and you will find Action button at top right side.

click on Action button

Step 2: Click that button and it will open the task manager window (or sidebar) of this extension. In that window, you will see the name of all the collaborators (if any). Clicking on the name of a particular collaborator will help you to add tasks for that collaborator and set the due date and time.

assign a task to collaborator with due date and time

If you have not shared your document with anyone, then you need to use New Attendee button and manually add the person for assigning the tasks.

add a new attendee

Step 3: Using this step, you can assign tasks to people using the hotkeys. Add some text (as a task) in your document and then press ‘@’. It will show you the name of attendees, you can select any attendee to give that task. Apart from this, you can also use ‘#’ to add the due date and time.

use hotkeys to assign the task and set deadline

Step 4: Tasks assigned by you to attendees or collaborators can be viewed in the task manager window. You can edit any task or change the due date if needed. Now it’s time to Send Emails to attendees.

send emails to attendees

You need to send only one email and each individual recipient will receive the tasks associated to him/her only. Along with tasks, link of the spreadsheet is also sent to the recipients. However, they won’t be able to access it until you open the spreadsheet and give permission to recipients.

email received

Step 5: Task Manager window of this extension provides option to export tasks to the spreadsheet. Using that spreadsheet, you will be able to see the progress (completed tasks, in progress tasks, etc.). Attendees can request access to that spreadsheet so that they can update it time to time.

Export tasks as spreadsheet to see the progress


Action is such a nice Chrome extension and gives you an easy way to schedule meetings, assign tasks, or any other thing. The spreadsheet will help you to see the progress and task manager window will show the assigned tasks. See how simple it is.

Get Action Chrome extension for free.

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