Digito: Batch Rename, Resize, Upload Images

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Digito is a free image processing software for batch edit, batch rename, batch resize, and batch upload images. Digito is a free, open-source software that functions as an Image utility. Using Digito one can edit, rename, resize and upload the images onto the web.


Using Digito one can,

  • Resize images: Photos captured using personal Digital cameras may have variations in the image sizes and resolution. Uploading these images on to social sites in a uniform way needs resizing or compression. One can use Digito to do so. After compression, uploading these images to sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook etc., becomes fast and simple. Also resizing/ compression reduces the storage space occupied. Also check out Batch Image resizer.
  • Rename images: Photos from different sources may have different names. So sorting these images by name becomes difficult. Digito can be used to rename the images to desired name.
  • Batch processing: Batch processing of the images to convert them to the desired format, thereby achieving uniformity in the file format of the images(jpeg/jpg etc.,) is possible. By doing so, the size of the images can also be reduced.
  • Uploading to a server: Uploading the images to the web server can be done. Digito supports batch uploading of images, thereby reducing the time required to do so. Also check out Imgur Uploader.
  • SMS Notification: The user is informed about the batch processes of converting/ uploading the images through an SMS that is sent to the user’s mobile number.
  • Further Digito supports multiple file formats like jpg, bmp, png, tiff, gif etc., while exporting them.
  • Digito provides preset image size options during resizing. Different sizes for thumbnails, normal images, HD images are available. Custom sizing is also possible.
  • Options to use uniform Prefix/ Suffix to all the images is available.

Some other image utilities we reviewed earlier include free image editor, and free vector graphics editor.

The easy- to- use interface, good looks, multiple file formats, speed and efficiency makes Digito a feature-rich Image utility. Digito is capable of being run on various versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2003/  2000. Digito installer is as small as 1.5 MB and can be downloaded from the website blinksolution.com. Since this is an open source product released under the GNU license, it is free for distribution and modification.

Download Digito here.

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