Software to Swap Names of Two Files or Folders

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This tutorial explains how to automatically swap names between two files or folders.

Changing the names of two files or folders is not a difficult task. However, when you have to do this task in a large number, then it could be a frustrating process. Also, if files/folders are in the same directory, then we first need to rename the first file with some other name, rename the second file with the name of first file, and then rename the first file again with the name of the second file. So, to save your time and to automatically and quickly swap names of two different files and folders, here is a free software, known as “Name Swapper“.

Name Swapper is a very simple software that has come with a basic but very important and unique feature. In the blink of an eye, names of selected files will be swapped. Just a single click of the mouse is all required.

swap names between two files or folders

You need to take care that you have added either 2 files, or 2 folders. Name swapping can’t be done if you have added a file and a folder.

How To Automatically Swap Names Between Two Files or Folders?

The software is extremely easy to use. Following are the steps:

Step 1: Download the zip file of this software. You can use this link to grab that zip file. It is a portable software and does not require installation.

Step 2: Open the interface of this name swapper software. There are no menus or any other option. You will see ‘Item 1’ and ‘Item 2’.


You need to drag and drop two files or folders on its interface and then the full path of those two files/folders will visible in those items.

click swap names button

Step 3: Click on swap names….. button available at the bottom of its interface, and done! Files/folders will be renamed immediately.

Repeat the same process to rename other files and folders.

The Verdict:

Name Swapper is indeed a useful software when you have to swap file names quickly. It would have been even better if it has come with options to add more files in pairs, but still it is good to use.

Get this software.

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