Free Software to Convert your Keyboard to Piano

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MusicalKEYS is a free software for Windows to convert keyboard to a virtual piano. It’s a versatile software with 41 piano keys that offer multi finger support. You can use your keyboard to play the piano or you can also press the piano keys with the mouse of your computer. MusicalKEYS is loaded with tunes of 128 musical instruments. It allows you to create and record your own tune, you can save it as a MIDI file or play an already recorded MIDI file that you recorded earlier.

There are many apps and software available that allow you to use your keyboard as virtual piano but MusicalKEYS is designed in such a way that it maps the keyboard to piano keys very perfectly. It’s simple user interface and ability to produce 128 different sounds makes it noticeable in the list of virtual piano software.

Free Software to Convert your Keyboard to Piano

Here are some of the features of MusicalKEYS:

A perfect virtual piano

MusicalKEYS offer 41 piano keys on its main interface, and every key of this piano is mapped to some key on the physical keyboard of your PC. It is very easy to remember and play the respective keys of the piano because of the way the keyboard keys are mapped to this virtual piano keys. The lower keyboard keys Z X C V B N M < > ? are mapped to the lower white piano keys while the upper keyboard keys S D F G H J K L : are mapped to the upper black piano keys.

Keys paterrn of MusicalKEys

Play sounds of 128 different Instruments

MusicalKEYS being a very lightweight software includes tunes of 128 different instruments!  You can see the available tunes of instruments in the drop down list at the upper left. It includes Ac Grand Piano, Dulcimer, Distortion Guitar, Pizzicato Strings, French Horn, Pan Flute, Pad3Polysynth, Banjo, GuitarFret Noise,
Bugle Ac Piano, DrawbarOrgan, GuttatHarmonics, Orchestral Harp, Brass Section, Blown Bottle, Pad4Choir, Shamisen, Breath Noise, Elec Grand Piano, Percussive Organ, Acoustic Bass, Timpani, SynthBrassl, Shaku, Pad5Bowed, Koto, Seashore, HonkyTonk Piano, Rock Organ, ElecBassFinger, StringEnsemble1, SynthBrass2, Whistle, Pad6Metallic, Kalimba, Bird Tweet, Electric Plano, Church Organ, Elec Bass Pick, StringEnsemble2, SopranoSax, Ocarina, Pad7Halo, BagPipe, Telephone Ring, Electric Fhano2, Reed Organ, Fretless Bass, SynthStringsl, AltoSax, lead1Square, Pad8sweep, Fiddle, Helicopter, Harpsichord, Accordion, SlapBassl, SynthStrings2, TenorSax, Lead2Sawtooth, FxlRain, Shanai, Applause, Calvinet, Harmonica, SlapBass2, Choir Aahs, BaritoneSax, Lead3Calliope, Fx2Soundtack, Tinkle Bell, Gunshot, Celesta, Tango Accordion, SynthBassl, Voice Oohs, Oboe, Lead4Chiff, Fx3Crystal, Agogo, Glockenspiel, Ac Guitar Nylon, SynthBass2, Synth Voice, English Horn, Lead5Charang, Fx4Atmosphere, Steel Drums, Music Box, Ac Guitar Steel, Violin, Orchesta Hit, Bassoon, Lead6Voice, Fx5Brightness, Woodblock, Vibraphone, Elec Guitar Jazz, Viola, Trumpet, Clarinet, Lead7Fifths, Fx6Goblins, Taiko Drum, Marrnba, arm Guitar Clean, Cello, Trombone, Piccolo, Lead8BassLead, Fx7Echoes, Melodic Tom, Xylophone, Ekc Guitar Muted, Contrabass, Tuba, Flute, PadlNewAge, Fx8SciFi, Synth Drum, Tubular Bold, Overdriven Guitar, Tremolo Strings, Muted Trumpet, Recorder, Pad2Warm, Sitar and Reverse Cymbal.Instrument list of MusicKEYS

Record your notes and play from already recorded note

MusicalKEYS allows you to record your currently playing music and allows you to save it in a MIDI file format that can be played later by importing it from the folder where you saved it. Two simple controls are given at top corner of the interface so there will be no hurdle for you to record and play your favorite music.Importing and exporting midi files

You can increase the bass of the music via keys 5 & 8.


I came across many virtual piano software, but I like this one the most because of its well polished features and interface. If you are music lover then you will surely love MusicalKEYS. Just give it a try by downloading MusicalKEYS from the following link.

Get MusicalKEYS.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 6 Average: 4.2]
Works With: Windows
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