5 Free Websites To Learn .NET Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn .NET online. These websites have been created keeping in mind the need of beginners. They first introduce you to the basics of .NET, what it is, and then move forward to the more complicated aspects.

The 5 websites to learn .NET online are LearnVisualStudio, Microsoft ASP.NET, Cramerz, tutorialspoint, and Net-informations.com. A basic, one line introduction for all these websites would be: they all provide you with multiple tutorials, lessons and examples that are well defined and organized.

The best way to learn any programing language is by doing some hands-on practice as well. For that, you can use one of these free .Net IDE or download free Visual Web Developer Express from Microsoft’s website.



The first website to learn .NET online is LearnVisualStudio. This website plays host to a video library that contains lots and lots of video tutorials to learn .NET. You can access these online video tutorials by creating a free and simple account. These video tutorials are divided into different groups where you begin by learning the basics of C#, ,.NET,and more. But, even though the website allows you to have a free account, not all the tutorials are available for free. Some of them have been reserved for paid users of the website. Still, the website does not loose its importance as the number of free tutorials is also quite huge.

Try LearnVisualStudio here.

Microsoft ASP.NET:

Microsoft ASP NET

This is the official website of Microsoft to learn .NET online. The website has some very helpful tutorials, articles to learn from. There are different articles that teach you the basic fundamentals and how to create your own web pages. The most interesting thing on this website is that it also contains projects for you. After you have gone through the articles and tutorials, you have to work on these projects. This helps in testing your knowledge and is very interesting. This official website of Microsoft is surely an engrossing platform to learn .NET.

Try it out from here.


Cramerz-learn .NET online

The third website to learn .NET online is Cramerz. It aims to make the process of learning .Net a very simple one. On the left side of the home page of  the website, you will find different topics that have been divided into 3 categories. A beginner can start with learning the definition of .NET and move ahead. Some of the other topics included in the Basics category are .NET functions, controls, variables, and more.

Try it out from here.



tutorialspoint is the fourth website to learn .NET online. The name of the website suggests a lot about its framework. Like the other websites mentioned in this article, this website also has tutorials and lessons to learn the language. There are various tutorials that cover different areas of the language. Some of the tutorials available on the website are tutorial on introduction, server controls, basic controls, directives, and many more. Apart from all the tutorials available, the website also provides a list of references, that might help you out further.

Try it out here.



The fifth and final website to learn .NET online is Net-informations.com. If you are looking for one place where you can find lessons to learn .NET and answer all your queries, then this is the website for you. There are tutorials available for you to learn from. But, apart from the tutorials, the website has answers for all the questions that you might have in mind, especially the beginners. It answers all the questions, like definition of .NET, how to work with it, and much more. Overall, it a very helpful website for beginners, who can read all these answers before moving ahead.

Try it out here.

Try out all these websites and learn .NET online for free. Give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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