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ReadEasy is free web application that will help you reading text in way that is more meaningful and will improve your understandability. You can read any passage better if you understand each and every word in the paragraph and grasp its real meaning. ReadEasy is designed for making reading easy for you.

To use ReadEasy, you create a free account, and then upload the document that you want to read. ReadEasy will add “readlets” to the document, which would essentially be the meanings of  some of the words used in the document.


The application will provide you text along with easy readlets, that contains meanings of the words that are not-so-common in your text. You can also solve the problems of the canvas / background of the text if it is not reader-friendly for you.

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The sole motive of this freeware is to make reading easy for you. Many times, it happens that you read a text and there are certain words in the text that are unusual and you do not know the meanings of such words. ReadEasy is helpful free web service where you can upload any file of yours and ReadEasy will process it online for creating readlets for you in your document.

The web application supports formats that include PDF, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, HTML, HTM, LIT, PDB, FB2, and RB. If your text is not in any of this format then just copy-paste the text and upload it in the web site. You can also read Words Memorizer for remembering words in any language you like.

You will have to sign in first to use the service. Once you have uploaded your files with , the application will analyze the file. After reading your file you will be shown, list of the words marked and highlighted in your doc that are infrequently used. The words selected by you for creating readlets will be shown as side notes in your file. So that when you read your file, you can refer the side notes for the meanings of the words. You can read a ReadEasy document with any free PDF reader.

The side notes are visible for you on the file and each word and its meanings are shown in the same page in which words appeared, thus you need not hunt for words and its meanings anywhere else. ReadEasy provides you easy reference to the words and its meanings. The definitions and meaning of the words are derived from dictionary and latest encyclopedia. The best thing about this service is you can upload any number of files and by default; your files are not accessible to anyone.

When your file is returned to you, you can read it and edit it as per your choice. You can remove, add, and replace Readlets from the output file and regenerate it if you want. Thus, the application gives you immense flexibility for editing and viewing your file. Adding readlets to the file is very easy. To add a Readlet, click on a word. A window will pop up and you will be presented with all the definitions for that word. Select the appropriate definition by clicking on the “Use This Definition” button. After you are done modifying the document, click on the “Update” button to regenerate the file with the Readlet you have added and removed.

Features overview of ReadEasy:

  • A user friendly website that simplifies reading
  • You can upload the document file that contains the reading text in various formats
  • Difficult words are highlighted and their meaning explained in side-notes
  • You can zoom in and out of the document
  • Add readlets to your document within a click
  • Supports Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Firefox, and Safari.

ReadEasy is a pretty nice concept, but I found that it gave meanings of some very simple words as well, which could be distracting. Nonetheless, this is a pretty interesting and unique idea that is definitely worth trying.

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