Learn Songs by Slowing YouTube Videos at Different Speeds

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In this article, you are going to read about how to learn songs by slowing YouTube videos at different speeds. You must be thinking about how can we slow down YouTube videos because of course, YouTube does not allow us to do that. But here, I’m going to review a website named SlowTube.

SlowTube is basically a music app that can be used as a web app. The role of this online service is to slow down the video taken from YouTube. Then, you can set the playback speed if you want to listen to the songs fast or slowly. You can also try this service for dance videos. It helps you to watch each dance moves slowly in a better way.

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learn songs by slowing down YouTube videos

Learn Songs by Slowing YouTube Videos at Different Speeds

To learn songs and dance moves, you can visit the website called SlowTube. Using this website, you can watch YouTube videos at different speeds.

So here what you need to do is to pick a video from YouTube. You can simply copy the URL of any YouTube video and enter it in the first column. Here, you can also enter the title of the song as I have shown above.

SlowTube quickly fetches the original video from YouTube. You can play the video on the left and set your preferences on right.

You can enable the loop. Also, you can set the loop start and loop end time. Below that, you will see the option of Playback Speed. At this point, you get five different speeds for the video.

fill the required details

You can play the video in an original speed (1x). Before the original speed, there are two slow speeds; 0.25x and 0.5x. You can click on different speeds while playing the video.

Doing so, you can listen to the music lyrics at a slow speed. It helps you to understand the music notes. The same thing, you can follow for the dance videos. You can easily learn dance moves by slowing down the video.

There are two more speeds to fasten the video. You can use them too if required. Also, you can share the video with your friends including video settings.

In brief

SlowTube is a great tool to quickly slow down the video. You can watch videos from YouTube such as singing and dancing or any other YouTube video. The tool lets you set your preferences at different speeds. Now it becomes more easy for you to learn the songs, music, and dancing as well.

Try SlowTube here.

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