Free Website to Find Quietest Places in Loudest Cities

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This post covers a free website to find quietest places in the loudest cities around the world. It is hard to find a quiet place, especially in the larger cities of the world. The traffic, industries, and other noises made it hard to feel and embrace the calmness. Recently I came across a website that provides a catalog of the quietest places around the world. All these places are within or near the large and loud cities. The website indexed all these places with their quiet score. It also has a map that you can use to explore quiet places in your area.

All these resources are offered by which is a non-profit organization offering a collection of immersive natural soundscapes from various locations worldwide. It promotes environmental awareness and protection by providing a virtual experience of places with their ambient sounds. The website features over 700 soundscapes gathered from more than 100 professional field recordists and audio ecologists. With that said, let’s explore the “Quite Places” segment of the website and see how it can help you find quiet places around you.

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Find Quietest Places in Loudest Cities

The web page starts by talking about noise pollution and its impact on human health. This is followed by a chart that shows the percentage of people who are affected in some of the noisiest cities in the world.

This chart covers popular cities in the USA, UK, and Europe. For each city, it shows the percentage of people that are affected by the noise. This chart is followed by a section stating “How noise pollution affects our health and well-being” citing various resources.

Map to Locate Quiestest Places

Then comes the map which is created using Mapbox and OpenStreetMap. This is a world map but it only covers the quietest places around the cities in the USA, UK, and Europe. The map shows numbers over specific location markings. This number represents the counts of quiet places within that area. As you zoom in, it gives you a breakdown of the area spreading the markings to respective places.

The map has four filters at the top covering Country, Region, City, and Quiet Score. You can explore the map by selecting the country, region, and city. The “Quiet Score” filter can help you sort out places with specific quiet ratings. You can also scroll on the map to explore the places.

This map pins the locations with the lowest quiet score. You can click on a pin to get the location information along with the quiet score. I explored the Western American region for the quiet places. As I found out there are over a hundred quiet places within or near California. Some of these places are not as quiet as others but it is good enough to avoid the loudness of the city.

Quiet Score Table of Popular Cities

This website also has a ‘Quiet Score’ table covering the cities of the USA, UK, and Europe. It ranks the places from the highest quiet score to the lowest. Alongside the map, you can also explore this list to find places around you or within a city.

You can give it a try here.

Closing Comment

This is a handy resource to find the quiet places in the loudest cities. Along with the academic applications, it is also helpful to discover quiet ‘get-away’ places for trips and weekends. I like the inclusion of a map along with a ranking table. This makes it a lot easier to explore places. However, the database is limited to the USA, UK, and Europe, it does not provide any information about Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and other places of the world.

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