Free page experience checker to test websites for Google Core Web Vitals

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Cloudways provides a free page experience checker to test websites for Google Core Web Vitals. Here it checks a given website against a set of quality signals set by Google as a part of their Web Vitals initiative. This tool here checks a website for parameters such as page speed, responsiveness, page loading, interactivity, visual stability, HTTPS, and more. It generates a very details report in the end that also included suggestions. You can consider those suggestions in order to optimize your site to meet the Core Web Vital standards.

Core Web Vitals are the subset of Web Vitals which is an initiative by Google. It uses different parameters to test if a website is correctly optimized and the reliability of a website helps in improving its ranking. And that is what the tool I have mentioned here does. It checks a website from user experience point of view and generates a report. You analyze the report and go through the suggestions that it produces for you and then take further steps to fix your website. The page experience checker is a free tool and you can use it on any website.

Google page experience checker to test websites for Google Core Web Vitals

Free Page Experience Checker to Test Websites for Google Core Web Vitals:

If you are a site or an e-commerce store owner then you need this tool to make sure that your website is in compliance with Core Web Vitals. In order to start using it, you go to its main website and then simply enter your website URL to start the scan. Give it a few seconds to generate a report for your website and the first thing it will show you is Lighthouse report that you can analyze.

Cloudways Google Page Experience Checker ligthouse report

Scroll down further to see the details about the CMS website is using. Along with this, you can see whether your website is having some unsafe content, is mobile responsive, and if it has HTTPS encryption.

Cloudways Google Page Experience Checker CMS and HTTPS

In the next section, you can see some app specific suggestion that it generates for you. If your website is built using WordPress then it will suggest you various plugins to fix certain issues. This is as simple as that.

App specific suggestion generated by cloudways

Similar to the suggestions above, it generates suggestions for website optimization as well. Here it analyzes the  issues related to JavaScript, network payload, commutative layout shift, and some other parameters. You can analyze all these and then you can simply read the corresponding suggestions that it generates there.

Website optimization suggestion core web vitals

In this way, you can analyze any website using this Google page experience checker. It will check the website URL you provide using the Core Web Vitals and will generate a detailed report.

Final words:

To check if your website is in compliance with the upcoming website ranking and optimization standards set by Google, you can use the tool above. With this, you can see if your site performance needs to be approved and then you take further actions based on the suggestions that it generates. The tool however is in beta and I hope in the coming updates it will show some more metrics and suggestions.

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