Check SEO Metrics of Any Website with This Free SEO Audit Extension

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This article covers a free SEO audit Chrome extension that lets you check SEO metrics of any website. An SEO audit extension gives you SEO metrics on the go which is handy compared to using a dedicated tool. But, with the majority of SEO browser extensions going away or being paid, we’re now left with a handful of extensions that give insights into SEO and keywords on any website in the browser.

SEOquake is one of those rare browser extensions that let you check various SEO metrics on the respective website. Unlike other extensions, SEOquake is not limited to a single function; it provides you detailed SEO metrics with SEO audit, Keyword Density report, internal and external link analysis, social media metrics, mobile compatibility and more. You can check all these details for the currently open page or the whole website and customize the extension parameters as per your needs. On top of that, it offers SERP analysis as well which you can export in CSV format.

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Check SEO Metrics of Any Website with SEOquake

SEOquake packs lots of features to provides you a detailed analysis of the SEO metrics of any website. There are three main highlights to this extension; SEObar, SERP Analysis, and SEO Audit. Let’s explore these highlights in detail.

SEOquake SEObar

seoquack seobar

SEObar is basically a bar that appears at the top of the webpage. Whenever you visit a page, this bar shows you the essential SEO metrics on that page and domain. It includes:

  • Google Index
  • SEMrush Backlinks
  • SEMrush Subdomain Backlinks
  • Alexa Rank
  • Webarchive age
  • Facebook Likes
  • Whois Record
  • Page Source
  • SEMrush Rank
  • SEMrush display ads
  • Pinterest pin count
  • LinkedIn share count

The SEObar also has other options that takes you to the SEOquake website for a detailed report and diagnosis on SEO audit.

seoquack seobar customization

At the end of the SEObar, there is a gear-shaped icon that allows you to change the color and position of the SEObar. Apart from the visual tweaks, you can customize the parameters that you want to see on the SEObar. You can enable the following types of parameters on the SEObar:

  • Page parameters
  • Domain parameters
  • Backlinks parameters
  • URL Filters and other parameters

And, if you don’t want to see the SEObar on a website, you can do that by clicking the “X” icon from the bar. When you do that, it asks you whether you want to disable it on the current domain or all domains. This option adds the respective domain to the exception list which you can access from the extension settings. Alternatively, you can also create a whitelist and allow the SEObar on selective domains.

SERP Analysis

serp seo stats

On the Google SERP, this extension offers a detailed analysis of the results and keywords. At the top, it shows you the keyword difficulty. Then, each result in the SERP shows the various SEO parameters for the respective domain. You get a SEOquake panel on the left where you can customize the SEO parameters accordingly. You can also sort the results by SEO parameters like Alexa ranking, SEMrush ranking, etc. From the Locale options, you can also change the change country and language to get localized results. This extension generates an SEO report of the SERP that you can export to CSV.

SEO Audit

seoquake seo audit

Lastly, this extension also offers detailed SEO Audio although it takes you to the website for that. You can get the SEO Audio for any website by clicking any SEO audio option from the SEObar. In the SEO Audio, it shows you the following data:

  • Page Info (Rank, backlinks, keyword density)
  • Diagnosis (Page analysis and Mobile compliance)
  • Internal Links (with parameter filters)
  • External Links (with parameter filters)
  • Keyword Density (with stop-word list and whitelist)
  • Compare URLs

Note: For SEO audio, you have to create a free account to get the results.

Wrap Up

SEOquake is a handy extension that provides you detailed SEO metrics on any website. With the customization options, you can choose the SEO parameters that matter to you and hide the others. Having the SEO metrics right on top of the respective website eliminates the need of switching between tabs and copy-pasting URLs to get SEO metrics. This helps you save a significant amount of time.

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