5 Free Websites To Write Online Diary

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Here is a list of 5 free website to write online diary. You can use these websites to write down your thoughts using some interesting features alongside. Writing diary is a very common habit and lot of us like to put our thoughts in a diary on a daily basis. How about Switching to an online diary? You can write all that you want and also share some of it with your friends if you want to. There are a lot of features you can use like inserting images, listening to music etc. You get to experience a lot of new things and also maintain your privacy at the same time.

Online diary

The Online Diary websites that I have reviewed in this article are ItsMyDiary, Loccit, Diary.com, MotoDiary, and Penzu.


ItsMyDiary-online diary-interface

ItsMyDiary is the first online diary in this list. The moment you log in to your account, you can see a page on which you can start writing down your thoughts. The website provides you only one page to write on daily and you cannot write more than that. There are different themes that you can use to make your writing space look attractive and also describe your post as private or public. Other users of the website will also be able to read your post if it is public. The words that you write in your diary are saved automatically from time to time, so that you do not lose anything due to loss of connection etc. All your daily posts are saved in your account and you can access them whenever you want. Along with the option to write and read posts of others, the website also helps you relax properly. There is a relax tab in your account, in which you can play and listen to soothing guitar sounds.

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Try ItsMyDiary here.


Loccit-online diary-interface

The second website to write online diary, in the list, is Loccit. Loccit allows you to write down all your thoughts in a diary and keeps it privately in your account. All your entries are private and you can make them available to some of your friends if you want to. The website allows you to design your diary by inserting beautiful cover images and you can also add images in your diary. The website allows you to import content from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account as well. Another interesting feature on this website is that you can track all the activities taking place in your account and also read celebrity diaries. Lot of celebrities diaries are available on the website and you can read them. There are separate tabs for all these activities in your account. Lastly, the interface of your account looks very pretty and you can decorate it further using various available items like mugs, posters, innovative cards and more.

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Try Loccit here.


Diary.com-online diary-interface

Diary.com is the third website in the list to write online diary. The website has a very beautiful looking interface and you can create a free account very easily. The website allows you to write your private and public notes separately and there are different tabs for it. You can save your private notes safely in your account. To write public notes you have to request an invitation after which you can write public notes. These notes will be available for everyone to read and people have the option of following you if they like your post. Similarly, you can also read other posts and follow people. While you are writing down your notes, you can also add images to give your notes a complete look. One more feature of this website is that you can also share your public notes on platforms like Facebook, Twitter. The website provides you a URL that you can use to share the page.

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Try Diary.com here.


MotoDiary-online diary-interface

MotoDiary is the fourth website in this list that allows you to write online diary. It is a very simple website that has been designed with the idea to provide a completely hindrance free experience to the writer. Once you enter into your account, you will see a completely blank canvas on which you can write anything you want. The website keeps all your daily entries safely in your account and also gives you the option to encrypt them. You can encrypt your entries with a password so that they remain accessible only to you. The website might not provide you with advanced features available on some other website, but it does provide a great writing experience. You have all the space to write your heart and nothing to distract you. You can also access the website from cell phones, iPod and android devices.

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Try MotoDiary here.


Penzu-online diary-interface

Penzu is the fifth and final website to write online diary, in this list. The website has a very beautiful interface and you can start writing by adding a name for your diary & title for every entry. There is no limited writing space (like in ItsMyDiary) and you can write as much you want, under the current date. The free version of the website provides a lot of features like inserting images, changing the font and size, print your entry and more. You can also protect your entries by setting a password for them. You can even set a password for your diary and all the entries inside it will be password protected.

Apart from some of very regular features, Penzu has two very peculiar features that caught my attention. One of them is that you can count the total number of words in your diary or journal. The website counts all the words you wrote on different days and lets you know the total number of words you have written in your diary. Another function is that you can assign a beneficiary for your journal. This beneficiary will receive all the rights to your account and journal after you pass away. It is a very rare feature to find.

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Try Penzu here.

All these websites provide you with some great features to use, along with writing down your thoughts in a online diary. Try them out and let us know how do you like them.

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