5 Free Websites To Log Runs

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to log marathon runs.

If you love to participate in marathons and need something to log your runs, check out these free websites that lets you record your marathon runs and track your overall progress, miles you have ran so far, your wellness information, and your performance details. Some of them offer maintaining a simple log that you can access anywhere using internet, while others offer some extra services like free training plans, route or distance tracing tools, and more.

Recently we have covered few websites that provides free marathon training. Once you plan your marathon, you can choose any of these websites to log your runs. So go ahead and check out LogYourRun.com, LogThatRun.com, Free Running Log, LogARun.com, and MarathonGuide.com.

Log Your Run:

Log Your Runs

This is a free, online web service that lets you log runs and other exercise activities, thereby allowing you to track your performance and progress details. The service has a nice intuitive interface. You can choose an activity type (like walk, run, swim, bike, etc.), enter the activity details, choose a route, and start entering your activity logs.

Log Your Run allows you to review your exercise logs in form of graphs and track progress on weekly, monthly, or yearly basis (exporting feature is available). Plus there’s a provision for adding shoes so that you might be notified when you need to change them. The service also has a weight tracker that lets you track your weight throughout the marathon.

Log Your Run also helps in tracing a route over the map and analyzing the distance you have covered during the run. Apart form that, the service allows you to sign up for free training programs that will help you getting started with your runs and improve your fitness and activity levels.

Click here to checkout LogYourRun.com.

Log That Run:

Log That Run

Log That Run is another free running log website that provides a user-friendly environment to log runs online. The site uses a stylish layout and quick access features. You can enter details of your runs, including their type (long, easy, hill, walk, rec, etc), weather conditions, timings, mileage, pulse rate, pace, and more.

Besides this, you can enter the details of your shoes and track their mileage using the calender feature. You can also map your run by tracing a route over the map and measuring its distance. Plus there’s a chart feature that provides you a graphical view of your log runs. Though much of its features are similar to Log Your Run, it additionally gives you to ability to schedule your runs and show the entire data to a coach to get monitored under his observation. Thus you can even collaborate as a team using this free log runs service.

Click here to checkout LogThatRun.com.

Free Running Log:

Free Running Log

Another interesting service, Free Running Log allows you to easily save your running log information and view instant reports. You can record the type of run, shoes information, time, distance, and heart rate. There’s also a Distance Calculator that calculates the Time, Pace, or Distance; provided any two values are given.

The great part is that the service lets you export your logs as CSV reports and sync all your data with your Garmin Connect (a community-based website for all runners, cyclists, and athlete enthusiasts) account. Apart from that, it also offers some free training plans that you can view or share with anyone. Though the site doesn’t has much to offer as compared to the other services listed here, its simplicity and ease of use makes it worth trying log runs service.

Click here to checkout Free Running Log.

Log A Run:

Log A Run

Next is Log A Run, a free online site to store details of your running logs and wellness information. The service lets you  easily track your miles, shoe mileage, weight, body fat, etc., for running, aerobics, and other physical activities (swimming, biking, ). The information gets displayed in a calender form, where you can endlessly enter details and create a log. Plus, you can make notes, create custom reports and charts, and even backup your logs. The service also allows creating teams and managing them with a lead coach.

Another interesting feature is that the site directly links you to the best online shopping sites like Amazon, so that you can right away purchase a pair of shoes if your old ones are retiring. Though the feature to trace a route on map is missing, and the interface is also not so impressive, still being in its first release, the site is worth trying.

Click here to checkout LogARun.com.

Marathon Guide:

Marathon Guide

Last in the list is Marathon guide, a similar log running tool with a plain, boring interface loaded with ads, but basic functionality intact. You can right-away sign up for a free account and start entering details for your marathon runs. The available options are as simple as they could be. You can enter your running details per day, and they would be shown to you on weekly basis.  No graphical reports are available and neither there’s a feature to export this information; however you can add your shoes information and track on your own how old they are by now.

Though the service has lot of missing features, plus the interface is also not that much pleasing, if you want to keep it simple, you could give it a try.

Click here to checkout Marathon Guide.

These were some useful online sites to log marathon information and track your running progress. Though I myself am not a runner, I would still recommend these sites as they appeared to be informative during my testing. Each has its own set of features and benefits. Try them out and figure out which one suits you most. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in comments.

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