5 Weather Extensions For Chrome

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Here, are 5 weather extensions for Chrome which show and update you about current weather situation and weather forecasts. These days we have some latest technologies to predict the weather for future. These weather forecasts help us to stay updated about the present weather conditions and about the weather forecasts for future. So we can plan our outings accordingly.

Weather information is available through several mediums, but one of the easiest way to get weather forecasts is via the internet. So, if you are using Google Chrome as your Web browser then, you simply need to install any of these weather extensions for Chrome, and stay updated about weather conditions.


Weather Extensions For Chrome 001

WeatherByte is one simple and straight-forward weather extension for Chrome. This weather extension is an easy to use app, as you need to type in the city name and state/location name. Then select the units between Fahrenheit or Celsius, click on add button and close the window. This weather extension will show you the weather conditions of that location for the current day and weather forecasts for next 3 days. This weather extension also shows you the maximum and minimum temperatures of the location. Moreover, it also shows you other relevant information like Humidity level, Wind and Fog info.

Full Screen Weather

Weather Extensions For Chrome 002

Full Screen Weather is basically a Weather extension for chrome which is based on Google maps. This Weather extension shows you the weather reports on the Google map interface which is shown in a full screen mode on your PC. For using this weather extension you need to enter the location in the search box and click on the “search” button. This weather extension will show you the current temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, humidity, wind, visibility, dew point, pressure and source. Moreover, this weather extension also shows you the weather forecasts for coming 3 days. This Chrome extension also allows you to change the map style from the drop down menu at the top-right corner of the interface. You may also select and view radar or cloud layer plotted on the map.

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Weather Extensions For Chrome 003

Weather is one of the simple and user-friendly chrome extension which locates you automatically as you install this extension on your Chrome. This extension locates your location and shows the weather information for the city closest to you. This Chrome extension allows you to search for places by entering the place-name or zip code, add places to your favorite list or remove them from favorite list, and view the weather forecasts for saved places. This Weather extension for Chrome includes a very simple and straight-forward user interface which shows you current temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, wind speed, humidity and weather forecasts for next 3 days. Moreover, it also displays notifications for weather forecast change and for daily weather updates.

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Weather Tiles

Weather Extensions For Chrome 004

Weather tiles is another simple and straight-forward weather extension for chrome. This weather extension allows you to search, and add cities to it, and it shows the weather reports of all the added cities on a single screen. This Weather extension for Chrome shows you current temperature maximum and minimum temperature and shows the weather forecasts for next 5 days. If you click on More Details link at the bottom in each city window, you can view more details like barometer, visibility, humidity, wind, sunrise and sunset. Includes an options tab which allows you to choose units between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and you may also clear cities from this tab.

Weather UndergroundWeather Extensions For Chrome 005

Weather Underground is a Chrome Extension for weather reports, which locates you automatically. Even you can locate yourself by just clicking on “Auto-locate” option. Like other weather extensions this one also shows place-name, current temperature, Wind speed, Humidity level with a stunning picture in the background. The best part is that it also shows weather forecasts for next 5 days.  This weather extension includes an option of “configure” which allows you to configure units, clock and time zone. You can search for places with “search” option. Moreover, you may search for places and add them to favorites for viewing them easily.

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