5 Free Android Apps to Learn Java

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This is a list of 5 best free Android apps to learn Java programming language.

There are dozens of Java learning software as well as websites which you can use to learn Java programming language. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you can simply take out your Android phone and start learning or practicing Java programming right on your phone. Yes, there are various Android apps using which you can learn Java with ease. So, I have gone through a bunch of them and have listed 5 best free Android apps to learn Java in this post.

No matter, whether you’re an experienced programmer or Rookie to Java programming, you can always use these apps to learn more about Java in a fun and interesting way.


So, let me explain the Java learning apps for Android briefly for you.

Learn Java by SoloLearn:

learn java

Learn Java is probably one of the best Android apps to learn Java. It is powered by the popular programming language learning website SoloLearn. It offers 6 different modules, including Java Basic Concepts, Conditionals & Loops, Arrays, Classes & Objects, More on Classes, and Exceptions/Lists/Threads & Files. Each module comes with series of Java-related lessons associated with multiple quizzes. You need to complete all the quizzes in a single module to unlock the next module. The lessons offered by Learn Java app are very easy to learn and doesn’t require any prior experience in programming.

In total, it comes with 64 lessons divided into all the 6 modules and covers topics like variables, operators, loops, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, anonymous classes, exception handling, hashmaps, and more. This app also comes with a “Code Playground” section where you will be able to explore and learn programs posted by other programmers. If you want, you can also write your own Java code and run the program using the built-in code editor of this app.

Programming Hub:

Programming Hub

Programming Hub is an excellent app for all the Java beginners out there to learn Java with ease and simplicity. This app comes with bundles of ready-made programs (submitted by programming geeks) which you can view and practice from different categories like applets, array, basic, exception handling, file handling, GUI, loop, number, OOPS, pattern, sort, etc. The “Reference” tab of this app comes with more than 13 lessons that cover almost all the important Java topics such as variables, data types, classes, constructors, inheritance, aggregation, method calling, exception declaration, and so on.

Similar to the above Android app Learn Java, this one also comes with a “Playground” section where you can write codes and run your own programs with the built-in compiler. After executing your programs, it will provide you with the outputs in a flash. It also offers 50+ interview questions and their answers in the “Interview Questions” tab. You can also view some important tips related to the Java programming listed in categories like abstract, casting, classes, inner classes, signature, etc. Additionally, you can also use it for learning other programming languages like C, C++, HTML, PHP, CSS, Python, and more.

Java Programming:

java programming

Java Programming is another simple yet effective Android app to learn Java. It comes with 10+ core Java tutorials including the topics like the basic programs, flow control, arrays, interfaces, packages, applets, file management, data types, operators, etc. All the topics have separate sections where the elements related to the topics are explained. Apart from that, it also has a section with 100+ important Java-related questions for learning more about Java programming language.

But, the best part of this app is that it offers 80+ pre-executed programs which you can view and practice right from the app. All the outputs of the predefined programs are also visible for reference. Unlike Learn Java and Programming Hub, this app doesn’t have any option to write and run your own programs. However, if you want to show off your Java skills (learned using this app) then you can start playing quizzes from the “Quiz” section and share your scores with others.

Learn Java Programming:

learn java programming

Learn Java Programming is another useful Android app which you can use to learn Java easily. It provides various Java tutorials listed in these 3 different categories: Basic, Object Oriented, and Advance. Each category comes with different lessons that covers topics like classes, objects, primitive datatypes, modifier types, arrays, exceptions, overriding, polymorphism, abstraction, generics, multi-threading, applet, serializations, etc. You can easily open up these topics and start learning to improve your Java skills. The best part of this app is the “Practice” tab where it offers 150+ multiple choice questions which you can answer and get instant feedback.

All the questions are categorized into these three difficulty levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Expert. You can also go through dozens of interview questions to boost up your Java knowledge. Apart from that, it also offers 80 + pre-executed programs along with the images of their outputs in the “Programs” section. It even comes with a section for Java quizzes, but you would need to install an additional app for playing quizzes.

Learn Java:

learn java by thiyaggaraaj

Learn Java is a simple app for Android that comes with tutorials based on Java 8. The app consists of 4 major sections named, Java Idea Bubbles, Java Full Tutorials, Java Reference, and OOPS Snacks. These sections include useful tutorials, definitions, examples, and more programming concepts to assist you to learn Java with ease. For example, the “Java Idea Bubbles” section covers Java basics, conditionals, OOPS (method overriding, method overloading, inheritance, and string), and Java collections (ArrayList, hashmap, hash table, and hash set). The best section for learning Java by beginners is “Java Tutorials” as the

The best section of this app for learning Java by beginners is “Java Tutorials”, as the tutorials cover topics from Java basics to advanced programming such as objects, classes, arrays, GUI, robustness, recursion, linked data structure, multiprocessing, threads, etc. However, if you want to practice full programs, then you can go through the predefined Java programs that are categorized into Text-Oriented programs, Graphical programs, and I/O and Auxiliary Files.

My Final Verdict:

If you’re curious to learn Java and also happen to own an Android phone, then using any of the apps listed in this post would probably the best option for you to learn Java on your phone. Personally, I like “Learn Java- by SoloLearn“, as apart from offering lessons, it also provides various Java related quizzes and allows you to write and run programs right on the app.

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