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Numerous is a pretty cool iOS App built on a unique premise, to let you stay updated with the important events in your life through numbers. It can keep track of numbers, like: temperature, days until a friend’s or a family member’s birthday, stock quotes, time until your favorite movie comes out to the theaters etc. You can either pick a set of numbers from the suggested popular categories to follow, or create an event of your own to keep track of. What’s more, you can even share your numbers with others on social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s know a little bit more about it, past the break!

numerous header

Numbers have always been important, but are even more so in today’s world. For example, revenue numbers of a corporation determine its market value, user figures of web services are a measure of their popularity etc. During the course of our day to day activities, we have to keep track of a lot of figures. Birthdays of friends and family members, gas prices, stock quotes, likes and shares on our posts, re-tweets on our tweets, the list goes on. That’s a whole lot of digits to keep track of, don’t you think?

Today, I’m reviewing an app that might just be what you need to keep track of the numerous important numbers in your life. Say hola to, well, Numerous.

Numerous: Signing Up and Choosing a User Name

Numerous is quite an amazing app. It lets you keep track of a handful number of important numbers, which are constantly updated without any need of manual refreshes. The app essentially requires you to log-in with either a Facebook or Twitter account. Once you do that, you are required to choose a username. Check out the combo screenshot below:

numerous signup and username choosing

Numerous: Selecting a category and Adding numbers to follow

Once you choose a username and are logged into your account, you can choose from a variety of categories like Editor’s picks, Popular, Temperature, Events etc. Tapping a category lets you see the numbers that it consists of as small squares. To select the numbers you want to keep track of, just tap the relevant squares, and tap Follow on the top right corner to add them to your list. Check out the following combo screenshot:

numerous add categories to follow

Removing a number category is also easy. Just tap and hold on any number until a small cross appears on all the number squares. Simply tap the cross on the number that you no longer want to keep track of, and it’s gone. Quite simple, isn’t it?

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Numerous: How to keep track of numbers, like and comment on them  etc.

After you select the numbers you want to keep track of, there’s nothing more you have to do on your end. Your numbers constantly update silently with relevant information being displayed on their squares. If you wish to refresh manually, just swipe down. Here’s how the main UI, with the selected numbers looks like:

numerous main ui portrait

Pretty cool, don’t you think? To reveal the stats like shares, likes etc. of any particular category of number, simply tap on it, and the details show up. You can also use the comment and like links to post comments and likes on a particular category yourself. Check out the screenshot below:

numerous detailed categories

How to view detailed numbers history of some figures

Some specific number categories, like mortgage rates, stock quotes are highly variable with their values fluctuating on a daily or hourly basis. When you tap on a category like that, you can see the history of its values over a specific time frame (a week, a day etc.). Here’s how it looks like:

daily updates on numbers

If you switch your iDevice to Landscape orientation, the stats appear in a stunning full screen graph based display. Take a look, this thing looks gorgeous.

updates on numbers landscape


Numerous is an amazing app that makes keeping track of the important numbers in your life easy and fun. With a gorgeous visual interface that completely follows iOS 7 design language, Numerous is quite the looker. Add to it features like auto refresh of numbers, ability to add user defined categories, and integration with two of the most popular social networks out there, and Numerous becomes even more dope (Though I would love to have the ability to sign in via an Email address, I hope future versions include this feature). Give this little app a try, you’ll yourself see Numerous work its magic on your important numbers.

Get Numerous for iOS here.

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