4 Free Sentence Rephraser Websites

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This article talks about 4 free sentence rephraser websites. These websites let you rephrase any sentence written in English with the click of a button. You only have to copy the text you want to insert and then paste it in the input field. It is as simple as that to rephrase your sentence. You can then choose to copy the result and even share it with others. There is no need of registration or providing any personal details.

So, let’s get started and know more about these sentence rephraser websites in the list.

1. Article Rewriter Tool:

Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool is the first sentence rephraser website in the list. There are two text boxes on the landing page. You have to enter the text to be rephrased at the top box and then hit the Rewrite button. You also need to enter the captcha code to authenticate that you’re a human and not some bot. Once you have done that, you will see the rephrased text in front of you at the box at the bottom.

There are two advanced options: Also spin capitalized words and Ignore words containing. You can choose to use these options depending on your requirement.

2. Paraphrasing- Tool:


Paraphrasing-Tool is the sentence rephraser which is very simple with easy to navigate user interface. On the landing page, you will see the text box where you have to enter the original text. You can choose whether you want to include capitalized words for rephrasing or not and after it completes the captcha test. On passing it, you will see the completely rephrased text which you can use anywhere you want.

Just below the output text box, you will see how does paraphrasing-tool work. It will give you a better idea about the things happening under the hood.

3. Rewordify:


The third sentence rephraser in the list is Rewordify. Although the website is easy to use but they also include a demo which you can use to get familiar with how to use Rewordify. Like other websites, it also has a text box where you have to enter the original text but the good thing is that you don’t have to enter any captcha code. Simply enter the text and click the Rewordify button. On the successful rephrase, you will see the resultant text with changed words highlighted with Yellow color. You can then click on any of the highlighted words to know its meaning.

There is also a stats section which shows lexical density, total words per count, unique word count, sentence count, characters with spaces, etc. to name a few.

4. Spinbot:


Spinbot is the final website in the list to rephrase sentences. You have to enter the text and enter the captcha code. Do remember that you can rephrase only those texts which have number of characters equal or less than 10,000. On entering the text, Spinbot shows you the name of characters in the entered text. You can also choose whether you want to rephrase the words with capital initialization or not. Click on Go and website will show you rephrased text. The website shows number of characters even for output text.

These are the 4 free sentence rephraser websites. Check them out and rephrase sentences with just one click.

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