Receive or Send Fake SMS on Android With Fake-Text SMS Faker

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Fake-Text SMS Faker app is no more available in Android Market.

Fake- Text SMS Faker is a free Android app to receive/send Fake SMS on Android device. Android Market now brings this great app to show fake SMS as a normal SMS in your main SMS app. This SMS Faker app composes the message and shows the composed messages into your sent or received (inbox) items. But if you are composing a message from this SMS faker app, it doesn’t actually send or receive the SMS to the preferred number or from the preferred number. The only thing which this app performs is that it shows your composed text as sent or received text item in your main SMS app as if you have really received or sent the text from someone or to someone. This is really a cool app to fool someone who you have received or sent SMS.

SMS Faker

This SMS Faker app is the best app to come out from awkward situation. With this app you can get out from boring meetings, jokes, parties, discussion and many more by telling that you have got an important message and you have to go urgently. Also you can fool your friends that you sent the SMS and blame the service providers that there must be some problem in network that is why the message must have not been delivered. This SMS faker app shows very real interface of received and sent SMS. Just compose a message, select the contact number from your phonebook, select the time and date of message, select the message type whether it should show as sent or received message in your main SMS app and save it. Now you are done. Open your main SMS app and you will see the fake SMS composed in your main SMS app as received or sent whichever you selected at the time of composing fake SMS.

SMS Faker Home page

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Some Key Features Of Fake- Text SMS Faker App To Receive/Send Fake SMS:

  • Compose a fake SMS of your choice.
  • Show message as received or sent.
  • Save messages in main SMS app of phone and shows as normal message.

SMS Faker Main SMS App

  • Compose the message and enter or select the contact number from the phonebook.
  • You can choose multiple recipients.
  • You can activate Fake SMS notification.
  • You can set time and date of the messages sent/received.
  • Interface looks very real as it is a normal message.

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How To Install Fake- Text SMS Faker App:

  • Just login to “Android Market” or Scan the QR Code below.

SMS Faker QR Code

  • Click on “Search” tab. Type “Fake- Text SMS Faker ” in search tab.
  • Click on “Fake- Text SMS Faker ”.
  • Click on “install”.

The free Fake- Text SMS Faker app to receive/send fake SMS will be automatically installed. Just fool your friends and others with this great SMS faker app. Come out from the awkward situations and be smart with your smart phone.

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Works With: Android 2.0.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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