Windows 8 New Year resolution App Free: New Year Resolutions!

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New Year Resolutions! is a free Windows 8 new year resolution app. This is a simple Windows 8 app, that helps you note down all resolutions, that you are hoping to complete in the next year. Everyone makes resolutions at the end or at the beginning of every year, but somehow forget some, because they don’t have anything to save and remind you of them. This is one good Windows 8 app that helps you in fulfilling all resolutions. You can save every single resolution on the basis of dates, and then pin them to Start Screen, so that, every time you start your PC, you’ll get the resolutions to complete. Plus, the app itself keeps you reminding about resolutions and the number of days remaining, for the resolution to complete.

New Year Resolutions

Create-save resolutions and fulfill them using this Windows 8 new year resolution app:

The app is a simple but handy Windows 8 Productivity app. It is aided with all necessary tools and features that makes it a good Windows 8 new year resolution app. You can save the resolutions on the basis of dates. The app lets you give resolution, a suitable title, description, and due date, and then saves it. It’s that easy.

Once the resolution gets saved, it then starts showing number of days remaining for the resolution to get completed. This is a good feature, and quite helpful in keeping the resolution alive.

New Year Resolutions  - adding new resolution

However, I did miss the option to give resolution some priorities, so that it would be easier to complete important ones first, and then the others. The app saves the resolutions in the order you add new resolutions. That is, first saved gets added on the top, then follows the second, then third, and so on.

Another good point for using this Windows 8 new year resolution app is, if in case you have too many resolutions added in the app, and you can’t find out the important ones, then you can pin the important ones to start screen. Simply select the desired resolution and right-click on the screen. You’ll get a flyout at the bottom containing: Pin, Delete, Complete, and Add. Simply click on Pin to start pinning. Similarly, you can click on the rest to do desired.

New Year Resolutions  - resolution and it's options at bottom

And once the resolution gets completed, you can then mark the completed ones as done by simply selecting it, and right click, and then click on Completed button. The app doesn’t delete completed resolutions and marks them with green color. This is a good thing about the app because, they can help you in keeping up your morale high and then completing others.

Key of this Windows 8 new year resolution app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 new year resolution app.
  • Save resolutions on basis of due dates.
  • Reminds you of resolutions by pinning to start screen and by showing due dates.
  • Simple and easy.

Here are some good Windows 8 reminder apps, using which you can improve your productivity: Save the DATE and  RemindMe.

Final note:

New Year Resolutions! is a good Windows 8 new year resolution app. It’s functional and does satisfies its purpose. Though, there are ads in the app in free version, which is kind of disturbance. Other than that, everything in the app is useful and functional. A good free Windows 8 reminder app to try.

Get New Year Resolutions! here.

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