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PC Brother Disk Cleaner is a free Disk cleaning software that helps the user to remove the faults in the secondary memory (i.e) hard disks. PC Brother Disk cleaner is a  small fast and an efficient tool to clear the disk faults thus preventing any drops in the system performance.

Hard disks, which are mechanical devices, are vulnerable to failures. Disk failures occur frequently during the normal course of operation making it impossible for the user to access the stored data. PC Brother Disk cleaner is an efficient solution to prevent such disk failures. The user  just clicks a few buttons to perform de-fragmentation, and cleanup temporary files. This can be performed either automatically or manually by the user.

PC Brother Disk Cleaner

The users  can choose to run the application in 2 modes:

  1. General mode
  2. Custom mode

The General mode of operation does the cleanup operation by default and the user need not specify what files to clean up. The user just needs to select the item (disk drive or folder) to scan and the application takes care of the rest. The user uses the recommended settings during clean up which are set  by default by the application.

The various kinds of files and the items are displayed. The user can use the hot keys to select the items to be scanned and cleaned up.

The Custom mode of operation allows the user to select what files to be cleaned up. Using this option, the user can specify the file type, property, and the path to clean etc., The user can also specify the options by typing it in the appropriate text space and time intervals for the scans can also be specified.

This freeware sizes just about 2.5 MB and is capable of being run on various versions of Windows like 7/ Vista/ XP and 2000. The installation is simple and takes just a few steps. This freeware comes from the makers of PC Brother Registry Cleaner, PC Brother System Care, and PC Brother System Maintenance.

With a simple interface, the application becomes extremely easy to use. Additionally the features and options make PC Brother Disk cleaner, an efficient utility to perform disk cleanup, thereby making the system perform faster.

Download PC Brother Disk Cleaner.

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