Free Ransomware Recognition Tool for Windows from Bitdefender

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Bitdefender ransomware recognition tool is a free software for Windows to identify a threat on your PC which has locked your files. The file that the ransomware has encrypted can be scanned with the software to see details about it. Not only that, you can also scan the ransom note file to identify the family of ransomware. This ransomware recognition tool can show you the family of the ransomware, its name, its score, and its version. There are two different methods to identify a ransomware with the help of this tool. Either you can scan the ransom note or you can scan the encrypted file with the tool.

Ransomware Recognition Tool for Windows from Bitdefender

Ransomware is actually a type of malicious software which locks some of your personal files. And later on it demands a payment by leaving a ransom note on your PC. On the ransom note, it says what happens to your files and what can happen if you do not pay the amount that it asks you. Also, if you fail to pay the amount it demands, then you will lose your files permanently. So, it’s advisable to use latest antivirus software and keep a backup of your files on cloud storage services¬†or by cloning your hard disk. However, if you still get hit by ransomware, then it’s hard to say if you will get your files back.

How to identify a Ransomware using Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool?

If you got hit by a ransomware and don’t know about its type, then this tool will help you. You just have to submit the victim file to it and then it will scan that file by connecting to its server and will return the information about it. The tool will show you the information like its name, version, and score. And after getting the information about the ransomware you can search for its kill switch or decryption method. If the ransomware is generic, then I am sure that you will get its cure. But if the ransomware is latest, then I am not sure that you will be able to decrypt your files.

When it comes to how to use this ransomware recognition tool, you can use this very easily. So, first make sure you have downloaded the tool using the URL at the end of this article. After that, go through these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the software, accept the terms and conditions and you will see the main interface of the software.

Ransomware Recognition Tool Bitdefender

Step 2: Now, to detect which ransomware has taken control over your file, simply specify the path to that file in the tool. Or, you can also specify the path to the ransom note. After that, it will show you the information of that ransomware. And if there is a possibility that the file has been locked by some other ransomware, then it will also show you this in the score section. The ransomware name which possess more score is the real culprit. Here see the following snap in which I have tried a file encrypted by a ransomware and the tool has shown the following information.

bitdefender ransomware recognition tool in action

You can clearly see that the software has successfully identified that which ransomware has locked a file on my PC. Also, you can see that I have given it both files that is the ransom note and encrypted file. But the software will also work if you have one of them.

Final Thoughts

Ransomware is growing gradually and there are a lot of varieties which have been found. So, if some of your files are locked by some ransomware, then you can easily identify with the help of Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool. The software works fine and you can easily use it without actually installing it on your PC.

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