Temporary Email Address from Telegram to Get Emails in Telegram

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Trashemail is a free and simple Telegram bot to create a temporary email address from Telegram to get emails within Telegram. Here it lets you create 2 temporary email addresses for life. And then you can just receive emails on that addresses right in Telegram as messages. You can create and delete email addresses in Trashemail domain with any username and use them. This is an open-source bot and you can host it on your server if you want to with your own domain name.

There are many temporary email addresses websites you can use. The problem is that the address they provide is not durable. Beside the domain keeps changing in them as soon as it is marked “temporary” by other monitoring tools. So, if you are a Telegram user then you can just create a temp email for you in a single command. There is no need to keep open a webpage to wait for receiving emails as you will receive right inside a Telegram app. However, you can have at most 2 addresses at a time so you need to keep this in mind while you are using the bot.

Trashemail Create Temporary Email Addresses in Telegram

How to Create Temporary Email Address from Telegram to Get Emails in Telegram?

Using Trashemail is simple if you have Telegram installed on your phone. Just find the bot by searching it or simply use this link to add it to your account. Once you reach the bot, you can simply tap on start and then create an email address for you. To create an email address, you have to simply type the create command like this.

/create [email protected]

Trashemail Create Email

Just create an email like this and then you are all good to go. As I have already mentioned you can create 2 email addresses at most so just keep that in mind. You can see list of email addresses that you have created in it so far by emails command and delete them as well with the delete command. After you are all set up, you can just use that email for anything. You will receive the email directly in the bot’s chat and you can see a  simple header there.

Trashemail recieving emails

In this way, you can use this simple Telegram bot to create a temporary email address. The best part is that is it is unique as you receive all emails on that address within Telegram itself. So, if you often use Telegram or temporary emails then you will like it. Just add the bot and then start using it.

Closing words:

Trashemail is a very nice tool and a unique one that deals with emails. It one of the most useful bots you can use right now if you are a Telegram user. I liked the simplicity and the way it works. On top of that, it is open source so you can fire up another instance of this bot n your server and use a custom domain for creating email addresses.

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