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SmartSuggestor is a free browser add-on which is an effective search engine tool meant to help you surf the web better. It improves searching, sharing, and shopping on the internet. When you search on a search engine, it shows keywords related to your search to narrow your search better, it shows preview of videos in search results, it shows Wikipedia articles, shows shopping discounts, and more.


Installation was very easy and started immediately after I clicked the download button on the product page. I was however alarmed by the caution from Mozilla. It labelled the author of the add on as “not verified” and proceeded to inform me of the risk of installing. I chose to ignore the warning and went on to install Smart Suggester.

Features of Smart Suggestor:

Smart Suggestor has quite a number of features:

  • The keyword suggestion feature uses the keyword you are searching for to suggest similar keywords. This may very well help you when you are searching for something you are not sure of and it makes your search more faster.
  • Preview Videos on Search Engine: Search videos on the internet can yield thousands of results. However, getting a preview of the videos requires that you open each. With Smart Suggestor, you can preview video without leaving Google.
  • The Google Image results search allows you to search for images related to keywords you type and also preview them without opening the respective websites.
  • Anytime you open a site on your browser, Smart Suggestor searches for websites similar to the one you opened and offers them as suggestion.
  • Smart Highlights feature allows you to search any word or item on a site and search it instantly on Google. This feature goes ahead to show you the location of an address on Google Maps by highlighting the address and then clicking the map icon.


  • Smart Suggestor shopping suggestions make sure you do not pay too much for anything you buy online. It is able to obtain an average price of what you are purchasing and alerts you if you are about to pay much more.
  • Smart Shopping buddy helps you do your shopping. The Superfish powered feature makes sure that you get the best price on items you purchase online.
  • The Smart Search Engine tool brings the auto complete feature to web searching. Just by typing a couple of letters, it can immediately figure out what you are searching for and offer appropriate suggestions.
  • Smart Suggestor Wikipedia articles displays all articles related to the keyword.
  • Smart Suggester Twitter widget allows you to view what people on Twitter are saying about your keywords.

How to use it this search engine tool

Keyword suggestions can be viewed at the top of the Google’s toolbar. Click on any of them to access Smart Suggester bubble.Web results of the keyword are viewed as default. You can preview videos and pictures of the suggested keyword by clicking on the respective buttons on the bubble. Wikipedia articles related to the key word can be accessed via the Wikipedia button. You can view what people on Twitter are saying about the keyword you just searched.


Program settings can be accessed via from the icon at the top left corner of your browser or your search engine. From this interface you can remove Smart Suggestor from any search engine and enable or disable any feature.



I loved the idea behind Smart Suggestor  and found it very useful. However, some of its features like the Smart search box were not any different from what you find on a search engine like Google. I felt a bit insecure trusting a third arty application which even Mozilla could guarantee its safety with my search history and other sensitive information. Smart Suggestor shopping and Buddy are a delight for online shoppers; you don’t have to pay a cent more with these two at your disposal. Unlike other toolbars which occupy too much space on your browser, Smart Suggester is able to stay out of sight while still working to make your online experience better.


Smart Suggestor is definitely one  Search Engine tool you need to have to experience the full potential of the web.

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