Block Spam in Telegram Groups with Free Bot

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This post aims to explain how to block spam in Telegram groups with a free bot. Chainfuel is a free Telegram bot that can delete spam messages based on the criteria defined by you. This bot can automatically delete forwarded messages, URLs, voice messages, images, documents, join/leave messages, and some others. However, messages sent by the admin of the group will not be affected by this bot. With the powerful anti spam features, you will be able to keep spammers away from our communities.

Spammers always find their way to the public communities. But if you have a group on Telegram then you can use the bot I have mentioned here to keep spammers away. However, you may not find this feature on other platforms such as WhatsApp, Hike, etc. This bot is very powerful and there are some other feature related to anti spam such as preventing new members to send anything for a specified period, block people with long names, black list some specific words, and some other additional options. Apart from the spam prevention there is a dashboard as well. On dashboard, it shows the group stats that you can analyze.

Block Spam in Telegram Groups with Free Bot

How to Block Spam in Telegram Groups with Free Bot?

You use this bot like you use other Telegram bots. You just have to add this bot to your account and then simply add it to the group in which you want to prevent spam. To add this bot, first sign in using your Telegram account on the homepage of the Chainfuel’s website. After that, activate the bot and then come back to the Telegram messenger app.

Chainfuel login with Telegram

The bot will show in chats. So, open the Chainfuel bot’s chat and then from more information screen, simply add it to a group. You can add this bot to any group and then that group will show up on the website. You can see the following screenshot to see how to add this bot to a group. This is for doing in a Windows Phone but the process is almost same in iOS and Android.

Chainfuel Bot Add To Group

Now, simply come back to the web interface and select the group from there and it will take you to the dashboard. In the free tier, the dashboard is very simple and only shows the overview of the groups. You can see the number of messages and stats based on the activity.

Chainfuel bot dashboard

Now, from the Anti-Spam section, you can configure the bot. You can specify what you want to filter out automatically from the group chat. But to make sure these settings work, you will have to give Chainfuel bot full admin rights. It especially requires rights to delete messages.

Anti spamming options on chainfuel

Now, when you have to save all settings, let it do its work. If any spammer or any other member try to send messages that you have prohibited, it will automatically get deleted. But if you are the creator of the group then it will not delete your messages which totally makes sense. You can use this bot in this way for as long as you want and then simply prevent spammers from sending irrelevant messages, links, documents.

Final thoughts

If you have a big Telegram community then this is a very useful tool which you can use. This is simple and easily configurable bot that you can use to keep away spammers from flooding your group chats. And what’s best is that you can use this bot in multiple Telegram groups too. There is a premium plan for this bot as well where you will get to see the detailed insights for the current group chat. If you want to see more details about your community then you can upgrade to the pro version as well.

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