Add Notes To Mails In Your Gmail Inbox: Notes for Gmail

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Notes for Gmail is a free chrome extension which lets you add notes to mails in your Gmail inbox. You can add notes to any mail and put them on top of your Gmail inbox. This reminds you about important things like phone calls, to-dos, response drafts, etc.


Notes for Gmail is a simple and easy to use plugin for your Chrome browser which adds a sticky notes functionality to your Gmail.

Request an Invitation to install Notes for Gmail:

Notes for Gmail is still in its beta phase of application development. It is not available as a released version, and therefore can not be found on Chrome Web Store. However, you can request an invitation to join the private beta of Notes for Gmail and use the product before its final release.

  • Request an invitation: Go to the website and click on the “Request an Invitation” button. This will take you to the request submission page.
  • Fill the Request Form: Here, you need to enter the Email address of your Gmail account along with some basic details like, first name, last name, etc.
  • Submit Request: Click on the “Submit a Request” button to submit a request to use the extension.
  • Confirm and Continue: A valid response will send a confirmation mail to your Gmail account. You need to click on the confirmation link in the Email to complete subscription with Notes for Mail. The confirmation mail is most likely to be present in your Spam box. Further click on the “Continue” button to download and install Notes for Gmail Beta.
  • Download and Install Notes for Gmail: Next, you can download the Notes for Gmail extension file and add it to your Google Chrome Extensions. You can refer the website for clear instructions on how to add Notes for Gmail to your list of Chrome extensions.
  • Complete Sign up: Now open your Gmail account (or refresh it if it is already opened) and allow Notes for Gmail to Sign up with your Gmail account.

Add Notes to your Emails using Notes for Mail:

Once you add Notes for Gmail to your Google Chrome browser, you will notice an “Add Note” button on top of your inbox, and with each individual thread email. To add note to a particular mail, just click on this button and write whatever you want to write as a note to the mail.


The note will be saved and shown in your Gmail account.


You can edit, delete, or share this note on your Facebook or Twitter account.


Key Features of Notes for Gmail:

  • Adds Sticky Notes Functionality to your Mails: Notes for Mail lets you add a note to your important mails, like you add sticky notes to your PC, to remember important things at your workplace.
  • Beautiful Background Interface: The notes that you add to your mails looks stunning when displayed over beautiful background.
  • Works with Gmail and Google Apps: Notes for Gmail is compatible with both Gmail and Google Apps mail.
  • Supports Google Chrome and Firefox: It works with multiple versions of Firefox (v 3.6+) and Google Chrome (v 5+).
  • Allow Sharing: You can share your notes on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

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Final Verdict:

Notes for Mail is a nice app which lets you add notes to your important mails. You can use this extension to add notes to your emails regarding important things and stick them on top of your inbox.

Try it out here!

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Works With: Google Chrome, Firefox
Free/Paid: Free

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