Image Steganography Software To Hide Text, File Inside An Image

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Image Steganography is a free software that is used to hide text or file to protect from unauthorized access. It’s a clever trick to hide your confidential stuff into an image. You can hide any kind of file (text file, zip file, etc.) into the image using Image Steganography, but make sure that file size should not be greater than image. No one will come to know that you have embedded your document into an image. It is able to support any kind of image format, such as jpg, gif, animated gif, png, bmp, and more.

The unique feature of this image Steganography software is that even if someone comes to know that you have encoded the image, then not to worry as you can encrypt image file along with password protection. It is an easy to use but very effective software to protect important documents.

Image Steganography- hide text or file into an image

In screenshot above, interface of Image Steganography is visible which is quite simple.

How To Use This Free Image Steganography Software To Hide Confidential File or Text?

To hide a file or text into an image, select encode option, and select the Steganography mode.

Image Steganography- select the steganography mode

Now drag n drop an image from PC to the required place. After adding the image, there are two options available to use: to embed a file into the added image or simply write the text that you want to store into the image.

Use any option accordingly and select the destination location where you need to store encoded image file. Select the output location and hit the Start button to begin the encoding process. It takes just a few seconds to complete encoding process and written text or added file will be stored in your image. Output image will be saved in png.

Image Steganography- select steganography mode and start encoding process

Encoded image looks and works similar, like original image, and no one will come to know what you have stored in that particular image.

If you want to increase the security level before encoding the image, then it can be done using Encrypt option. Use encrypt option, provide a password of your choice, and you will be able to perform the image Steganography.

Image Steganography- protect image with password

After this, delete the original file as you can recover it using the similar process anytime. Whenever you want to get back your original document, simply select Decode option and Decrypt option (if image was encrypted) on its interface and drop encoded image. After this, choose text option if you want to view output text or simply select an output folder where the original file will be extracted.

Image Steganography- decode the image to get back original file]

Key Features Present In Image Steganography Software are:

  • A handy software to encode confidential file or text into an image.
  • It supports almost any kind of image as input.
  • You can even encrypt the encoding image to add an extra layer of security.
  • It is a very lightweight software and is less than 1 MB.

Note: To install Image Steganography successfully, Microsoft Framework 4.0 is needed.

  • Anyone can use it completely free.

Similar tools: Steganography, Shusssh!, and Text to Color.


Image Steganography software is really effective and is a good way to keep your files or text hidden and safe. Give a try to this image Steganography software.

Get Image Steganography free.

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