Free Open Source Alternative to AirDrop: LANDrop

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LANDrop is a free and open source alternative to AirDrop. Here this is a cross-platform file sharing tool for Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. You can use it to quickly send and receive files among all your devices connected in a same network. It runs the file sharing server on each device and detects them automatically. You just select a device from the list and then send a file. This is as simple as that.

AirDrop is Apple’s proprietary software to transfer files among Apple devices. But if you use some other devices as well such as Android and Windows PC then you need to search for other solutions, Luckily here is an open source tool that can help you. It keeps running in the system tray, and you can open it anytime and send a single or multiple files to the other device.

It also kind of work like Bluetooth. You can opt to make your decide discoverable or hidden. You only have to run it once on your PC and install it on your phone and other devices. Those devices will atomically scan each other, and you can choose which one you want to connect to and initiate the file transfer.

Free Open Source Alternative to AirDrop: LANDrop

Here is the official website of LANDrop. From here, you can download it for all the devices you need it for. Right now, the Android APK is available there on the download page, and you just have to manually to install them. Now, you just run the LANDrop on Windows, and it will start running on the background. You can see it in the system tray.

LAnDrop on PC

On Android, the main UI of LANDrop looks like as shown below. Here you can opt to make the device discoverable if you want to. This is can be a useful feature in case you have LANDrop installed on multiple Android devices.

LANDrop Android

Now, you can simply start the file transfer. Just click on the “Send Files” option from the system tray icon and then select the files that you want to send to the mobile. It will automatically detect your mobile device. Just select the device from the list and sen the files. This is a simple as that.

LAnDrop in Action

Similarly, you can transfer files from phone to PC using this open source AirDrop alternative. The process is very simple, and you just have to select the right target device to send a file. In this post, I chose Windows to demonstrate how this works. But you can use it in the same way with macOS and iOS devices.

Final thoughts:

LANDrop is an amazing and fast file transfer tool that you can start using it on all your devices. If they are in the same network, then you can start sending files between them in one of the best ways possible. Te best part is that it is available for all the major platforms and completely open source.

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