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Lot of us look at successful people, and undoubtedly think that they hit a lucky streak with that. Most of us are unaware that most of the times such success is preceded by failure, and sometimes too many failures. Do you know KFC guy setup his first KFC only when he was 62 years old!

So, while looking at the lives of successful entrepreneurs, it is important to know about their failures as well. It tells us it is not really as easy as it seems, and more importantly, not to stop at a failure. Instead, keep learning from failures, and use those learnings in your next venture.

That is exactly what the website “The Careers of Founders” tells. It shows a timeline for each founder, and shows all their successes and failures, before they finally made big.

careers of founders timeline

The timeline shows age wise details for each founder by a small tag. The Green colored tags represent success, the Red colored tags represent failure and the White colored ones represent the age they founded a particular business.

careers of founders sorting tags

There are a total of 33 founders represented on this website. You can see the timeline showing at what age they founded something, whether they succeeded or failed in that attempt, what age they finally made it big.

careers of founders popup

When you hover your mouse over a tag on the timeline, a pop up will appear to show you a small description of what it represents. Like in the screenshot above the pop up tells you that at 62 Colonel Sanders opened the first franchise of KFC.

All the tags will also have an icon on them representing the type of business that was started. If you hover your mouse over a founders name, you will be shown what popular business they have started.

You can also check out websites to read biographies of famous people.

As is evident from these timelines that even the biggest of success were accompanied by failures. So next time you look at someone who made it big, don’t forget the fact that they might have gone through a time of struggle as well. Everyone faces ups and down when you try to do something new. The secret is not to give up and keep trying. Failures are just a part of life, always learn from them and keep working towards your goal.

Check out The Careers of the Founders here.

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