5 Free Online Spelling Bee Games To Prepare For Spelling Bee

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Here’s a list of some amazing free online Spelling bee games that you can use to prepare your kids for the Spelling Bee championship. These Spelling Bee games have been designed specifically keeping the kids in mind, and offer a fun and interactive way of learning spellings. The level of words offered in these game varies, but the basic methodology is the same. The player listens to a word that’s played over the computer’s audio output device (speakers or headphones), and spells out the word, either using the keyboard or the mouse.

These online Spelling Bee games not just offer a fun way for kids (and adults, if they don’t mind playing occasional spelling games as well) to pass time, but are also hugely beneficial to them in the long run, as they help hone their spelling skills. Excited? Head past the break to find out more.

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1. Spell Bee The Game

First up on the list is Spell Bee The Game, which is basically the official spin-off game of the annual Putnam County (NY) Spelling Bee. Spell Bee The Game lets you choose any of the virtual spellers (modeled after the real participants in the actual competition) that are presented before you, the moment you load up the website. The spellers also feature numbered cards, showing their ranks. All you have to do is click on a speller, who then represents you for spelling out the words as they are played through your computer’s playback device (speakers or headphones). You can play the game through your keyboard, and each correct spelling advances you to the next round. You can also listen to various aural clues to guess the spellings. These include hearing the word’s meaning, as well as its usage in a sentence.spellingbee the game

2. Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee

This is another great free online service that lets you learn spellings of words. It comes from the stable of Visual Thesaurus. Like any game, it’s spread over a bunch of rounds. Each round requires you to spell five words correctly, after which you advance to the next round. Using Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee basically involves hearing the word over your computer’s playback device, typing it in the word box. Once done, click on Guess Word to know whether your spellings were right or not. If your guess is right, click on Next Word to advance further. If you spell a word incorrectly three times consecutively, you’re given the option to surrender the word in favor of another word. The left pane displays a scorecard, which displays handy information about your performance (Current streak of correctly spelled words, total guesses, words passed/surrendered etc.).

visual thesaurus spelling bee

3. TVOKids Spelling Bee

TVO kids’ Spelling Bee game features a fun interface that’s sure to appeal to the young ones preparing to hone up their spelling skills. Each single game requires you (or your kid) to correctly spell out a total of twenty five words at a time. The words to be spelled are played over through your speakers or headphones. All you have to do is enter the word, and click on Check Answer to see if the spelling was right or not. You can also choose to have the word repeated. To advance to the next word after correctly spelling out the previous one, simply click on Next Word. If your answer is correct, you can simply click on the Next Word button again, and you’ll be presented with another one. Once the sequence of twenty five words is over, your score card is presented to you. Here’s how it looks like:

tvokids spellbee

4. Big IQ Kids Spelling Bee

Big IQ Kids’ Spelling Bee game is also quite a fun way to polish your kids’ spelling skills. Each game requires a total of sixteen words to be spelled (with each correctly spelled word advancing you by a round). Big IQ Kids features a virtual on screen keyboard that can be used via mouse to spell out the words (which, again are played over your computer’s audio output device). It’s also unique considering it also presents a visual clue, indicating the usage of the word in a sentence. However, you can also use the computer keyboard to enter the word. Playing the game is utterly easy. Simply spell out the word and press the Enter Word button. If your answer is correct, you’re presented the next word. An incorrect spelling brings up an in-game pop-up that lets you know the actual spelling of the word, as well as its usage, and synonyms. Check out the screenshot below:

bigiq kids

5. Arcademic Skill Builders – Spelling Bee

This is yet another amazing Spelling Bee game that offers a multiplayer take on spelling your way to victory. Arcademic Skill Builders’ Spelling Bee requires you to build a tower by spelling out the words played over your computer’s audio output device. But here’s the kicker, there’s a time limit, and you have to compete against other players. Whoever is able to build the highest tower when the clock hits the mark is the winner. When you load up the game for the first time, you’re required to give youself a username, after which you’re provided with your virtual bee. After that, you’re shown a list of available games, as well as the names of the players who are available online to be competed against. Simply select the player name, and when you (and all others are ready), the game starts. As is the case with all the other games in this list, Arcademic Skill Builders’ Spelling Bee game can also be played either via mouse, or keyboard. You can choose to listen to the aural clue again. When the time elapses, the final scorecard is shown, along with certain other parameters (You accuracy rate in %age, as well as your speed in words/minute). So what are you waiting for? Go and get playing.

arcademics spellbee


Knowing how to spell words right is an essential part of learning English (or any other language, as a matter of fact). Competitions like Spelling Bee let you see how well your kid is doing in this department as he/she’s grows up. And amazing freeware games like these provide just the right way for kids to learn spellings, in a way that they like better. Do introduce your kids to these amazing online spelling bee games, I am sure they will love it.

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