How to Check if a Plant is Toxic to your Pets

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IITT or Is It Toxic To is a website which tell you if a plant is toxic to your pet. It is no secret that we all love our pets like children. We do so many things to pamper them from buying clothes for them, to taking them for regular grooming sessions. We just love being involved with everything that our pets are doing. So why should we not know if a plant in our house is affecting our pets.

This website does exactly that. It tells you if a plant is toxic to your pet. You can just put in the name of the plant in the search box, and the website will let you know what all pet animals is this plant toxic to.

Let’s look at the working of this website:

When you open the home page of the website from the link given at the end of this article, you will see a page like the one shown in the screenshot below.

As you can see there is a list of plants already displayed on the home page along with icons of animals they are toxic to. On the left side is the name of the plant and towards the right are the icons of the animals who they are toxic to. On top of this list is a search box, where you can enter name of a plant you want to check out.

When you enter a name and select it, it will open up on your screen on the right with more detailed information about the plant.

Like I searched for Aloe Vera plant, a small window opened up towards the right side of the screen to give detail about this particular plant. The details include plant family, animals this plant is toxic to, toxic principles, and critical signs. Lets look at this box in close up screenshot.

As you can see above, you are shown the common name for this plant, and it shows that it is toxic to cats and dogs. It also shows toxic principles and clinical signs. At the top right of this window you can see a link for the ASPCA website. When you click this link it will open up the ASPCA website with same information about the plant you were searching for. So they have used the ASPCA website as source of their information on plants.


This is pretty much it. Overall, you will find this website useful if you have pets. You can make sure that you have no plants in your garden which are toxic to your pets. Or if you are going camping, then you need to be aware of the kind of plants to avoid going near, so you can protect your pet.

Check out Is It Toxic To website here.

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