4 Free Online Plants Database Websites

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This post lists some best free online plants database websites that you can use. Use these websites to see in depth details of any plant on earth. On these websites, you can simply search for a plant and then you are free to go through different details bout any plant. Here you can see the Latin name of a plan, its genus, family, kingdom, its photo, and where location where it is found. Think of these websites as search engine for plants and then query them whenever you want them. All the websites that I have listed here are absolutely free.

If you are in Botany like field where you  have to study various plants then you will like the websites I have mentioned here. And here I have added some really useful websites with a vast plants database, All you have to do is search a plant by its name or scientific name and then see all the details. Other features of these websites include the map of the location where the plant is found. Also, some websites below can display the native status of the plant you are querying.

online plants database websites free

4 Free Online Plants Database Websites:

Plants of The World Online

Plants of the World Online

Plants of The World Online is one of the best free plants database websites that you can use. Here you can use this website to find details bout any plant by simply searching it via its name. Here in the results, it shows details like description, uses, images, common names, bibliography, and the geographical distribution. Not only this, but if s some another plant exists with the same common name then you will see all the details about that as well. You don’t really need to create an account here to use this website.

Just use the above link and then access the main website of this plants database. Here it has 1,127,000 plant names, 90,100 detailed descriptions, and 195,100 image. After you land on the main website, you can simply enter the plant name in the search box and hit enter. It will immediately show you the corresponding data. If you see multiple plants with the same name then you can choose the one you want to know about. It will display the data accordingly.


Garden org plants database

Garden.org is another free website that you can use to query about any specific plant name with ease. Just like the website above, here you have to do a simple plants search and then you are all free to do what you want. It shows all the information about the plant being queried and then you are free to do what you want. It is simple as that. Plant information like common name, botanical name, plant habit, lifecycle, water preferences, leaves flower color, pollinators, images, and many others. You can see all these details about any plan tin a few seconds.

Simply reach the main websites from the above links and then do a search, In a couple of seconds, it will display all the plants’ data. In the different sections, you can see different details and then simply analyze them. The interface of the website is very simple and when you scroll down to the end, you can see the gallery in which you can see different images of the plant.

Plants For A Future

Plants for a future

Plants For A Future or PFAF.org is a simple online database that you can use. Just like other websites, you can simply enter a search term and then see the plant details. Here you can see the plant details like common name, family, habitats, range, edibility rating, and some other parameters and a few others with the image of the plant. This website has a very simple interface than all the websites in this list. Just make a query and get the result, it is simple as that.

Access this plants data from the URL above and then you can simply make a search and see the results. There is no sign up or registration required and you can see a lot of details about plant you want to query. On the right side, you can see the images of the plant and when you further scroll down then you can even read about the uses of that plant and medical uses of that plant in brief.


Trefle API query plants database

Trefle is actually a plants database API rather than a website to get scientific data about plants. With this API, you can query data about almost any plant on earth and fetch some important scientific data about it. The API uses JSON format to return the data and you can use that in your web or desktop applications by doing some programming  work. This plants database API returns data like slug, genus, family, common name, scientific name, kingdom, and some others data about the plan in a JSON array. This is a good tool for programmers if they are making something like gardening mobile apps or web apps.

We have covered all about this API in this separate article. You can go through the post and see how to make API request to fetch plants data with this plants database for free.

Final thoughts

These are the best free online plants databases that you can use for free. All the websites that I have mentioned here are very simple. All you have to do is make a search query and get the data. Almost all the websites show very well-structured data but If I have to choose the best ones that I will go with Garden.org and Plants of The World Online. You are however free to give a try to others that I have mentioned in this post here.

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