Giftawk Converts Words you speak to GIF

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Giftawk is a free service which will convert speech to GIF. Yes you read it right, when you speak into your microphone, this web service will convert your words into GIF. Its quite a unique concept and much fun to try out. When you speak into your microphone the website will take your words and find relevant GIF clips from Giphy and display on your browser screen. Giphy is a website with a large collection of GIF clips.

When I spoke “how are you” into my microphone, the GIF clip you see below is the result of the conversion.

giftawk clips

Let’s take a step back and start from opening this website for the first time. The website opens up and a small pop up window will ask you to allow it access to your microphone. Click on the Allow button.

giftawk home

Now speak something, anything into your microphone. What you spoke will be displayed back to you on the screen in text format for a few seconds.

giftawk text

Then you will see the GIF clips which were found relevant to what you spoke displayed on your browser screen. They will keep playing in a loop, as most gif’s do.

giftawk clips 2

At the bottom of the clips there will be a Blue button which says “Go Again”. This button is for speaking something else and generating new GIF clips. As soon as you click this button you will be taken back to the main page, where you will be asked again to allow access to microphone. Now go ahead and speak something else and see the GIF clips which turn up.

One important thing to remember here is that this app will work on Chrome browser only. It did not work with my Firefox browser.

Overall the app is pretty fun to work with, I found the concept very unique. Anything you speak will be converted into GIF. The search for the GIF clips is done through Giphy and the results are pretty good.

Here are some good GIF animation software to create GIF.

When I came across this website I was wondering how exactly would you convert what you speak to GIF. But once I went through this website, I just loved it. The clips which came up are pretty cute. This is one of those cool websites which you feel like sharing with your friends instantly, which of course I did. Its your turn now.

Check out Giftawk here.

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