Free Inner, Outer Solar System Explorer with Realtime Simulation

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In this article, you will read about a website that provides Solar System exploration experience with Realtime Simulation.

There is a web application that allows you experience Realtime Simulation of the Solar System, from inside out, Solar System Explorer. This web application provides you an enhanced experience of navigating through various stellar elements, mainly planets and their natural satellites.

If you’re a space nerd and want to experience the changes in the solar system in real-time, the space and the time, you can try this free Realtime Simulation provided by Solar System Explorer. Here, you can interact with not only Earth, but also other planets in the solar system, as well as planetary elements and systems outside our solar system.

Free Inner, Outer Solar System Explorer with Realtime Simulation

Solar System Explorer is a free online platform where you can interact with various elements of the terrestrial existence including planets and their natural satellites. This web application starts with providing you an interactive experience of our Solar System, however, you can alter the visuals to your liking, and interact with other elements of the space.

You can start by visiting the website of Solar System Explorer. Here, you can find various options that can help you navigate with various elements of this virtual space representation.


On the right side panel, you can select from the list which terrestrial element you want to explore. You can choose either a planet, or our Solar System. If you choose the Solar System, then you can experience the Realtime Simulation of the Outer Solar System. However, if you choose any of the planet from our Solar System, then you’ll be experiencing the Inner Solar System in a Visual Simulation.


Apart from this, you can also choose separate planetary system from the left side panel, or the Solar System outside ours. Just choose the system that you want to explore and set the Date and Time for a Realtime Simulation experience, then hit “Go!”.

Once you set the Time and Date, you can review all the options on the panel and adjust the speed of Simulation just below the Object Set, and Click on “Play” icon. Then, the system will start its Realtime Simulation where you can witness the movement of the planetary elements as per the set speed.


If you want to remove the annotations and the orbits from the planets, you can do the same by “switching off the Overlay” from the option given just adjacent to the left side panel, in a square box.

In brief

Solar System Explorer provides you a Realtime Simulation of the Solar System as well as other Planetary Systems. You can explore how the planets direction will change over time using this web application.

Try this website here.

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