Free Ad Creation Tool to Generate Ad Text, Description using AI: Yamak

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Yamak is a Google and Facebook ad creation platform that you can use. Here it uses AI to generate Ad content and you will like it. You can use it to generate ad copied in seconds using the sophisticated machine learning algorithms that it uses. For now, you can use it to generate Google ad copy, Google ad description, Facebook ad copy, Facebook headline, Facebook listicle, and Facebook description.

When you sign up for it, it will give you 50 credits. And once you exhaust them, then you will get 10 credits per day. This is still good enough for personal or lite use. 1 ad content generation exhausts 1 credit, so for free, you will be able to generate 10 ad descriptions for your Google or Facebook ads. And to give you an AI generated description, you just have to give it a type and brand information.

Yamak is going to save you a lot of time that you usually would’ve spent in coming up with a creative ad copy. Here it makes the process easier and faster by generating multiple variations of the ad copy. You can keep the text you like and discard the rest. Or, you can use multiple suggestions that it generates to create your ad copy.

Ad Creation Tool to Generate Ad Text, Description using AI: Yamak

Free Ad Creation Tool to Generate Ad Text, Description using AI: Yamak

You can start by creating a free account on the main Yamak website. After that, you can simply start using the platform. On the main UI, you will see all the ad generation tools that it has to offer.

Yamak Main UI

Now, create your first project and then simply us any of the ad creation of the tool. Depending on what kind of ad(Google/Facebook) you are going to create, you can simply select the corresponding option from the templates.

Yamak Create Project

Now, you enter the details that it asks you to enter. Enter the brand or company name along with its type and description.

Yamak Enter Details

Now, hit the Generate button and it will take some time and will generate the expanded ad description for you. It will generate multiple variations of it and you can use the one that you liked the most. Or, you can use different parts of the description that it generates for you there.

Yamak AI Content Generated

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful AI based ad copy generator tool. Just select a template inside a project and then generate the ad content that you want. The output that it generates is very nice and usable and just needs a little editing.

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Final thoughts:

Yamak gives you 10 credits per day for free, and I think that’s fair enough for individual use. If you are looking for an intelligent ad creation tool, then Yamak is indeed is a very good option. Use it to generate ad content via AI and let me know what you think about it. Personally, I like it and hope they add more AI text generation tools in the coming updates.

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