Free tool to Generate Social Media Captions, Ad Copy, Hashtags using GPT-3

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ViralCopy is a free tool to generate social media captions, ad copy, hashtags, and product description using GPT-3. Here it uses AI to generate content for you and will save you a lot of time. You just give it some keywords and it will generate the content for you in no time. Even tough it limits number of uses in free version, I still think it is a great tool for low volume usage as well as personal use.

If you spent hours researching about the title, description or products that you want to post on social media, then you can now stop doing that. Just tell what your product or photo is about, and this tool here will take care of the rest. It will generate accurate and optimized content to track your audience in a click. Best part is that, it even generates bets hashtags for you automatically so you will get a  wider reach on Instagram.

Generate Social Media Captions, Ad Copy, Hashtags using GPT-3

Free tool to Generate Social Media Captions, Ad Copy, Hashtags using GPT-3

All you have to do is create a free account on the main website of ViralCopy. After that, you just go to the “Products” page and then simply select what you want to use., Right now, it has 3 different tools for AI content generation.

ViralCopy Tools

The very first tool is ad copy generator. Here you simply give it a few keywords or a short 1 liners description about the product and it will generate the ad copy for you. This is as simple as that.

ViralCopy Ad Copy Generation

Next, you move to its social tool and from there you can simply use it in the same way as you used the ad copy generator. Just give it some keywords based on the photo you want to post and then it will give you a nice catchy caption and relevant hashtags. This is as simple as that.

ViralCopy social media captions and hashtags Generation

Similarly, you can use the e-commerce tool to generate product descriptions for your store. Just tell it about your product and one or two of its attributes, such color. It will take a few second and will show you a generated description that you can use anywhere you want.

ViralCopy Ecommerce Content Generation

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful online AI based tool to generate content. The best part is its accuracy and very minimal effort required to tweak the generated product description or social media post caption.

Final thoughts:

AI is the future and you can feel that now by using the tool that are being launched these days. Once such tool is ViralCopy which I have explained about in this post. Just create a free account and then generate content using AI for free. It works as intended and I hope in the later updates, they add more tools in the list for content generation.

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