Free 3D Animal Education Software to Teach Kids About Animals

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In this article, you will read about a Free 3D Animal Education Software to Teach Kids About Animals.

The most common problem faced by parents in this quarantine period is that they are struggling hard to make their kids learn stuff the traditional ways. The traditional ways being that the parents will make their kids read and understand stuff from the books. However, with the changing working ways, there should be a change in the learning ways as well, especially in quarantine times.

For this, there are several online video classes and websites that can help parents in coaching their children the new stuff. However, the fluidity of the learning via online classes is such that one time you’re studying and next the you’re watching a funny video and the fun part is, you won’t even notice this change. The one possible solution to this to change the way, changing the learning tools, and not using the usual platforms. In this case where you want the child to learn from online but not get distracted, so you can use an Education Software.

Free 3D Animal Education Software to Teach Kids About Animals

Animals for Kids 3D is a simple to use freeware that you can use to teach your kids about the animal kingdom at the convenience of your home without getting distracted with the unnecessary juicy content over the web. The fun part of it is, you won’t even have to open your web browser.

For this, you can start by downloading this software by clicking here. After you download the freeware, install the application, and run it on your PC.

The application is a light freeware that won’t take up that much space and has a very simple UI, that even children can use it. The application will open up with the 3D model of an animal, for which you will hear the name of the animal and the sound that the particular animal makes.

3D Cat

You can navigate and change the animal image by clicking on the arrow icons on the right-side panel or use the arrow keys. If you want to see the actual image or video of the particular animal, you can click on the video icon and image icon given on the bottom right corner of the software.

3D Calf

The 3D image of the animal is interactive, which means that you can change the direction and view a 3D diagram of the animal by moving the animal image with the mouse.

There you have it, a simple way to teach your kids about the animal kingdom without the distraction.

In brief

Animals of Kids 3D is a simple freeware application that can be easily downloaded without any sign-up or payment. This application can be a fun way to have an amazing time with your kids while teaching them about the animal kingdom.

Try this software here.

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