Create Short Text Videos with Storyform

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In this article, you will read about a free web application Storyform that helps you create short text videos easily.

Short text videos are a great way to present your text in a much more engaging style. Creating such text videos are easy to divert the mind of people from boring texts to attention capturing video content.

However, if you set out to create the text videos, you will encounter a bunch of heavy video making platforms and tools that requires you to understand the application first before creating a video. If you are looking a simple way to just create the text video without any hassle, you can use Storyform to your advantage.

Create short text videos with Storyform

Storyform is a video making web application that lets you create the video only using the text and no pictures of bacground clips. This platfrom is really simple to use for creating an impacting text video. Lets see how to create the text videos with Storyform.

First of all, visit the webiste of Storyform by clicking on the link here. Upon clicking on this link, you will be redirected to the demo page of the web application. Since this web application is still in development to cater the audience smoothly, you can try the demo to create your first video.

All the necessary tools are available in the demo version as well and there is yet no requirement to sign up to use this application.

Select type of platform

You can start off creating your video by choosing the dimension sof the video. If you are not sure of the dimension, you can choose the platform for which you’re making this video. Once you select the dimension, the preview of the video will be shown in the shape of the platform. I’ve selected the Instagram platform and the platform is showing the dimension of the IGTV or Instagram story.


After finalising the dimensions, you can type of the text you want to show in the video. There are different fields given to type in the text, and you can choose how many words you want in one frame, by typing one or multiple words in one single field. The number of text fields here represents the frames of the video. You can also add the fields to increase the frames in the video.

Later you can choose the font style for each field. You can also change the color of the background of the video frame to make it look more vibrant.

Font Size

You can also choose from different font size for each field that you want to include in the video. Also, you can edit the text color of each field.

Here, you may have to google search the code of different colors if you want to include specific colors to the video. Or you can play around with numbers and letters to create a color of your own.

Video Frames


Moreover, you can set the video running rate as per your requirement. The delay in each frame can be set from 0.25s to 5 sec.

Save the video

Once you are finished with editing the video, you can preview the video product by clicking on “Play/Replay”.

Rendering video

After you are satisfied with the video, you can click on Render to export the video. Here, you will be required to provide you email address from where you can download your created product.

In brief

Storyform is a no-nonsense simple web application that helps you create the short and crisp text videos for your any social media platform.

Try this web application here.

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