How to bulk Export Unsubscribe Links from Newsletters in Gmail

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This tutorial explains how to bulk export unsubscribe link from newsletters in Gmail. Unsubscan is a free open-source command line tool that takes email folder from you and then extracts all the unsubscribe links from all the emails that it finds. It consolidates those links in a single HTML file and then you can unsubscribe from multiple newsletters or promotion emails from one place.

The HTML file containing all the unsubscribed links also groups links from the same domain. And if you have knowledge of programming then you can create an automation script to click on those links automatically. Apart from Windows, Unsubscan is available for macOS and Linux as well. The process is the same as you just need EML files corresponding to all the emails in your account.

To convert all the emails in your account, you can make use of Thunderbird email client. Or, if you use Gmail then you can download Gmail emails as EML files using the web interface easily.

How to bulk Export Unsubscribe Links from Newsletters in Gmail?

You go ahead and download the Windows binary from here. Alternatively, you can use scoop command line package manager on Windows to install it.

Here I am using the latest binary, so extract it after downloading it.


Now, you create a new folder in the same location where you have saved the “unsubscan.exe” file. Move all the EML files that you have saved from Gmail or Thunderbird.

Create and Save EML Files

Now, you just drag drop the folder full of EML files on “unsubscan.exe” file. It will immediately process those files, extract the unsubscribe links, and then show them to you in browser.

Drag Drop EML Files Folder

The HTML file with the unsubscribe links looks like this. It groups links from the same domain, so expand a group and it will show you those. And you can click on those links to subscribe from their mailing list. This is as simple as that.

Unsubscribe Links Extracted From Gmail

If you are looking to get rid of all the newsletters and mailing lists then this software will help you. One simple use case would be to get rid of mailers who send you newsletters or updates too frequently. Just identify those and export the EML files of their emails and feed them to this simple command line tool here.

Final thoughts:

In case you are looking for a way to bulk unsubscribe from newsletters and promotional emails, you are at the right place. Just use Unsubscan on whatever platform you are using and it will take care of the rest. The process is easy and only time consuming task is exporting emails as separate EML files.

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