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Sayit is a free tool to find related subreddits on Reddit. It helps you find all the subs that are related to each other in one way. For example, you can opt to find the subreddits based n country, language, or some other topic. It generates a graph where you can visually see the relationships between the similar subreddits. This is an open-source tool, and you can self-host it to run on your own.

Reddit is one of the best social medial sites where you can find and share a lot of latest information about almost everything. This makes it a good place for promoting your products and share your thoughts. The groups/communities on Reddit are called subreddits and if you are in a subreddit and wants to find other subreddits similar to the one you are in, then the tool here will help you.

The benefit of finding similar subreddits is that you will get to know different set of audience and how they interact with a topic in a different way. You can use the versatility of the similar subreddits to learn new things and do anything you like. Reddit does recommend you similar subreddits but very limited ones. But the Sayit tool here will help you find as many similar subreddits as there are on Reddit.

How to Find Related Subreddits based User Recommendations with this Tool?

For now, there are two ways to use this tool. You can either self-host it or you can simply use the demo version given by the developer himself. The technical details are in the GitHub repository. You can read the installation instructions there.

The demo version can be used here. The interface is simple and at the top left side there is a text input where you can enter some subreddit name.

Sayit Main UI

After giving it a subreddit name, you just need to wait for it to build the graph for you. It will try to find as many similar subreddits as it can and will add them to the graph. You can see the final result in my case below. I searched tried to find the subreddits related to India and the results were pretty good.

Sayit in Action

Click on any subreddit in the graph and it will show you a primary relationship and then top posts in the sidebar from that subreddit.

Sayit Showing Related Subreddits with posts

In this way, you can use this tool to simply find similar subreddits in just a few seconds. Here I have used the working demo online version, but you can run it in the exact same way after self-hosting it.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for a free tool to find all the similar subreddits for anything then you are at the right spot on the internet. The Sayit tool is what you need, and it works perfectly. I personally liked it as it can help you discover subreddits of your taste in almost no time. So, try it and then let me know what you think.

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