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Here, are 5 free software to hide folders on your computer. These folder hider software let’s you hide all your important folders that contains any kind of your personal information, no matter what the folder size is. Folders hidden using these free folder hider software can be only made visible using the same folder hider software which you used to hide folders. If you have any folder that contains your personal information or personal data which you don’t wish to share with anyone else, then I would suggest you to go for any of these folder hider software. As it’s better to hide a folder than to password protect it. Download these folder hider software for free.

Sofonica Folder Soldier

Sofonica Folder Soldier

Sofonica Folder Soldier is a free folder hider software that lets you hide folders on your computer which further helps you in protecting folders. With the help of this folder hider, you can easily hide unlimited number of your personal folders. You are allowed to make those hidden folders visible at any point of time by typing the pre-defined password. While installing this free software, it asks you to type-in a user defined password. After entering the password, you need to choose all your personal folders that you wish to hide, and it instantly hides all your personal holders. In addition, this smart folder hider comes with a powerful uninstall guard which safeguards this software from uninstallation. So no one could uninstall this software without the password. Download Sofonica Folder Soldier.

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Disguise Folders

disguise folders

Disguise folder is a free and clever folder hider software using which you can hide your important folders. This free software is standalone in it’s folder hiding functionality and it does not require any kind of installation, as it’s a portable software. Using this software is very easy, as in first step you simply need to select the folders which you wish to hide, choose the disguise that you wish to use. After selecting the disguise, you need to hit the Disguise now button. In this way, you can hide folders on your computer. The good part about this software to hide folders is that it does it’s job in a perfect way that no traces of the actual folders are left behind. Disguise only works with Windows 7. Download Disguise Folders for free.

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Free Hide Folder

Free Hide Folder is an easy to use folder hider software which allows you to hide any of your important folder. The user-interface is very basic and clean, suitable for even the novice. User-interface includes a menu bar with options like File, Edit, View and Help and even include direct one click buttons like Add, Hide, Unhide, password, remove, backup, etc for performing the function. Backup button basically helps you to back up & restore the data. The password protection feature is simply awesome, as one could ever access this software for unhiding the files without the user-defined password. For hiding a folder you need to click the Add button on the interface and choose the folder. Now, you need to click the Hide button on the interface. Yup, you are done with the folder hiding part. For unhiding the folder simply hit the Unhide button on the interface. Free Hide Folder is a simple tool for hiding a folder, which you should definitely try.

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WinMend Folder Hidden

WinMend Folder Hidden is another free folder hider software to hide folders on either the partitions or removable devices. You can easily hide large folders without worrying about the size of the software. It does not cause any damage or harm to the files, so don’t worry about that part as well. The interface is straight-forward and user-friendly, so the beginners can easily hide or unhide folders without any mess-up. In addition this free folder hider software even comes with a password protection feature, so for viewing the files you need to use the active password. WinMend Folder Hidden supports multiple languages, so the user can choose his/her preferred language from the available languages. Download WinMend Folder Hidden for free.

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HiddenDIR is also a free folder hiding software that allows you to hide folders that contain any kind of private or important information which no one else should ever access. For hiding a folder, you need to simply hit the Hide button on the interface and choose the folder which you wish to hide and instantly that folder will be hidden. The hidden folders can be only accessed through this software. In addition, this software to hide folders comes with password protection feature, so you can set a password to this software for more protection. HiddenDIR makes all your private folders invisible and out of the reach of any other user.

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