3 Free Python Coding Games to Learn Python Online

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This post lists down some best free Python coding games to learn Python online. Here these websites give you some challenges which you have to pass by simply writing a Python code. You can set the level of Python programming based on your knowledge and that these websites will give you the problems accordingly. The goal is simple in all these websites that is to complete the challenge or control the player with Python code.

The repeated practice of writing Python code will help you understand basics of Python such as functions, variables, loops, and some other aspects of Python programming. The games that these websites offer are quite interactive ones and once you are in, I am sure you’ll be hooked to those.

I have covered some JavaScript coding games websites as well and its kinda strange there are not so many free coding games for Python. But still I managed to find some which I have listed below. The theme of the games on these websites is different. In all of them, you will have to use your Python knowledge to got through different levels.

Free Python Coding Games to Learn Python Online

Free Python Coding Games to Learn Python Online:


codecombat Python Coding game in action

CodeCombat is a popular website which is known to have some really interactive games to learn some popular programming languages. It supports JavaScript, Python, and Coffeescript like languages and there are plenty of games for these. However, not all the games are free and to get those, you will have to choose a premium plan. In the free tier there is a game available that you can play and its name is “Shadow Guard”. This is kind of strategy game where you have to write the Python code in order to move your player.

Basically in the game, you have to collect some precious gems. And to move your player in different directions in the tunnel, you have to use the Python code to write some methods. In the beginning, everything is basic but as and as you progress in the game, the difficulty will increase. There is code editor with hints in which you have to write the Python methods to control your player.

codecombat Python Coding game map

Here you will need an account to start using the website. In the free tier, you will get one game unlocked with some other limitations. Before starting the game, you will have to select the programming language to Python. After that, you start the game and use the code editor given on the right side. Write the code there and then simply control your player to win the game. As you go further deep in the game, the challenges will start becoming complex.


CodeinGame in action

CodinGame is another Python gaming website that you can use to boost your Python skills. Here this is a kind of alien shooting game where you have to use Python code to save your shop from evil ships. The interface of the game is pretty much like of the website above. You choose Python as the language for the game and then start playing. The hints and goal are mentioned don the main UI and you just note them and code accordingly.

This is simple websites where you will find coding games for other programming languages as well. Alongside Python, you can use JavaScript, Coffeescript like languages to play the game. If you have ever played alien shooter game then you will like it. Just register via free account and then after entering preferences, reach the main interface of the game. Use the Python code in the editor given on the right side to shoot the evil ships.


Codewars in action

On the Codewars website, you will not find any game like UI but it is an interesting website to learn Python. Here it gives you some problems in Python that you have to solve by writing a code. There is a test for that available too and you will only proceed further unless you write the correct code. This website is basically community based and after you submit your solution to the problem, you can see the solution of the same problem published by others.

Here you will need to register an account first before start using it to learn Python. Not only Python but this website supports some other programming languages as well such as Scala, Java, Ruby, Swift, etc. But since here we are focusing on Python, so you select Python from the main UI and then simply start coding.

So reach main interface where coding problems are displayed. If you are beginner in Python then you can specify this on the website and it will give your code problems accordingly. In the code editor, you see your question on the left side and write your code in the code editor which is on the right side. You can test if your code produces the valid output and then you can submit that.

Final thoughts

These are the only free Python coding game websites which I could find. You just create a free account on the respective websites I have listed here and then simply play the game and use your Python skills to clear different levels. The games are pretty realistic and you will enjoy controlling them via Python code. So, if you are looking for some free websites to play coding games for Python then you can try any website mentioned in this post.

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