Move: Android Brain Puzzle Game About Shifting Circles

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Move is a free Android brain puzzle game about shifting circles. The game mainly consists of few circles, blocks, and colored boxes. You have to use your brain to shift all circles in such a way that that all circles move into the colored boxes. You will have blocks in each level, which will make it hard for you to do so.

The game has 3 challenging free game modes with each mode having 100 levels for you to check your brain skills. Besides free modes, the game has 9 more paid modes but you can play 10 levels in each of the mode to try the levels before making an upgrade.


Gameplay of Move Android Brain Puzzle Game About Shifting Circles:

As I have mentioned above, the game is all about shifting circles into colored boxes. On playing any level, you will see the  game board like the one in the screenshot below. You can see that there a few circles, colored boxes, and blocks.

Move Game Board

Your aim is to move these circles in the colored boxes to complete the level. While moving circles, if any of them has a block in its path then it won’t move further. So, you have to move all the circles in such a way that they ultimately move into the colored box.

Move Circles

You can see that there are two stats on the screen: Moves and Perfect. The Moves displays the maximum number of moves you can play to complete the level while Perfect displays the number of moves required to get a perfect set of 3 stars. You can use an unlimited number of undo to complete the level.

Level Complete

Here are two things you need to remember while playing the game:

  • All the circles move simultaneously whenever you will swipe on the screen to move.
  • If any of the circle is stopped by any block, then it will stop there, while other ones will move simultaneously.

Game Modes of Move Android Brain Puzzle Game:

The Move game  has a total of 12 interesting game modes, out of which 3 are completely free to play. The rest of 9 modes are a part of paid upgrades, but each of them gives you 10 free levels to try them before you make the purchase.

Move Levels

Here’s a brief description of gameplay of 3 free game modes:

  • First Moves: It’s the level which I explained above.
  • Moving On: This mode is exactly similar to the above mode, but it has circles of two different colors. So, you have to move each circle to its corresponding colored box.
  • Bust A Move: In this mode, all circles have different colors, so you have to move to each circle in its corresponding colored box.

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Final Verdict:

Move is an awesome Android brain puzzle game. The game is fun to play but challenging at same time. I completely enjoyed playing the game and I am certainly hooked to it. Do give it at try, you will like it.

Get Move here.

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