Free Android SOS App to Send Location to Close Ones if in Danger

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SafeSpot is a free Android SOS App that allows you to inform close ones about your location on Google Maps, using GPS of your Android phone, whenever you feel like you are in danger. You can add multiple groups to the app. Each group can contain multiple contacts of people you think care about you and will help in case of danger to you. The app only lets you add contacts of people from your Android phone’s directory. It uses the Internet of a GPS enabled Android phone to determine the location of the person in danger. The app is very easy to use. It automatically sends messages with your location on Google map.

SafeSpot activation

Key Features Of this SOS App for Android:

  • Very simple to use interface.
  • Helps to inform your close ones when you are in danger.
  • Easy to activate and deactivate.
  • Make separate groups to add family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Make as many groups as you want.
  • Add multiple contacts to each group.
  • Finds your location using Android phone’s GPS.
  • Very easy to activate Danger Zone using the app.
  • Message is automatically sent to the group you choose to.
  • Information about your phone’s location sent with the message.
  • Location can be easily checked using Google Maps.
  • Starts alarm on others phone if they are also using the app.
  • Message charges will be deducted from your phone balance.
  • Needs internet to detect GPS location.

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SafeSpot message

How to use this SafeSpot SOS App:

First install SafeSpot App for Android by clicking on the link or by scanning the QR Code given at the end of the review. Once the app is installed, launch it by clicking on the Orange Round icon of the app from your Android phone. The app is very simple to use. Follow the steps below to ensure your safety whenever you step out of your house.

Step 1: Add a response Group: To add a group of people who can help you in time of need, tap the bar given at the end of the main screen of the app (see screenshot below). From here you can add groups in which you will add contacts of people you know will help. For e.g. you can add a group ’Work’ and add one or more colleagues numbers in it. When you select a response group in times of danger, the message asking for help and showing your Google Map GPS location, will be sent to every member of the group automatically. Message charges are applied as usual.

SafeSpot groups

Step 2: Adding Members to each Group: You can easily add multiple contacts as members to a new group. When you create a New group, the app will automatically take you to the page where you can add members. Just tap on the ‘Add Contact’ bar at the top of the page and select a contact for the group from your Phone directory. To add another contact repeat the same procedure. (see screenshot below). Only those contacts can be added which already exist in your Android phone directory.

SafeSpot contacts

Step 3: Once groups and contacts have been added, make sure that Internet/WIFI and the GPS of your Android phone is enabled. You are ready to step out safe and secure. If ever you feel like you are in danger just open the app and tap on a Response Group e.g. family. You will see a yellow dot. Drag the dot upwards till it turns orange and a ring appears around it. If you let go of the dot, the app will automatically send a message to the members of the group you added to that particular group. E.g. your family members. To deactivate, you can drag the dot back down. Really simple.

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Final Verdict:

SafeSpot is an amazing free Android SOS App that provides you help whenever you need it. It can inform your close ones who care, about your location on Google Maps. Only one thing which I didn’t like is that there was no option to edit, add or remove contacts from a group. This feature would make the app complete.

Get SafeSpot here or scan the QR Code to get the app


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