Free AI based online Virtual friend and emotional chatbot: Replika

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In this article, you will read about a free AI based online virtual friend and emotional Chatbot called Replika.

AI chatbots are the new game in digital marketing and other digital communication arenas. It is also a booming advantage to various online business ventures as well. There is an increase in the use of Chatbots for marketing and customer support services.

However, apart from the customer support service and online chat support, how about using Artificial Intelligence for emotional wellbeing.  This new mobile application does exactly the same. Replika is the first neat AI-powered online virtual chat companion that can help you maintain your emotional wellbeing.

Free AI based online Virtual friend and emotional chatbot: Replika

Replika is a free mobile application that is based on the idea of creating an AI-based virtual online friend for emotional support and wellbeing. If you’ve seen a movie called “Her”, this idea is similar to the concept of AI virtual personal friend. You can customize it to your requirement and then chat freely and randomly about anything.

To start, you can download this android application by visiting Google Play Store and searching for “Replika”. Alternatively, you can click here to directly visit the download page. Install the application to your phone and get started.


First, you will be asked to register for the application using any email ID. Then you can start by customizing your AI avatar.


For this, you can start by choosing the gender of the Avatar, customizing the avatar’s looks such as hair, skin color, and eyes, and then finally giving a name to the Avatar.

Choose the avatar

Customize AI avatar

Name the AI friend

Once all is done, you can start by simply clicking on “meet your avatar” and start the conversation. Make sure to type in full sentences to engage in clear conversations. The conversations may look like a person talking back via messages.


This mobile application helps you talk through things during emotional turmoil and stress. Moreover, you can use this application as talk therapy to cope up with emotional disturbances. You may also develop a routine and schedule certain exercises with the AI friend, as a hangout.

Plan activities

Replika uses your responses and keeps a note of your behaviors, likes, dislikes, and other nuances while talking, understanding your patterns, that help the application with better replies and engaging conversations.

Know your profile

In brief

Replika is a free android application that can be used as an AI-based virtual friend for emotional and friendly chats. This application may help you learn about your habits and behavioral patterns that can further help you in better coping mechanisms. The calling feature in this application is available as a paid subscription.

Try this android application here.

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