Android Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt App for Kids to Find and Capture Objects

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The blog post covers an Android augmented reality treasure hunt app for kids. The purpose of this app is to find and capture objects using the app camera. This is an amazing concept as the kids will engage themselves in finding objects. Also, it makes children quite active as they run around to find the objects.

The animations, voice-overs and the feel of augmented reality are impressive enough to allure kids. This treasure hunt app is colorful and kids will love to watch the animated character while listening to them. The app prompts you to find objects which can be indoor and outdoor. Once children find objects they have to capture that specific objects using app camera. This can be a good activity for kids for indoor games also as the children will have to run around the house to find 5 things for the Snap camera.

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seek objects and capture them using app camera

Android Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt App

In order to find treasure, you will have to download the Android app called Happy Snap. This is an augmented reality treasure hunt app designed for kids.

When you launch the app after installation, a girl with her camera (Snap) appears on the screen. Her camera is not happy because he wants to capture five objects to feel better. Here, the girl asks you to find 5 things for her camera to make her camera happy.

Once you proceed, it offers two choices to find objects; Outdoors and Indoors. You can decide where you want to find things for the camera and then you’re good to go.

play game indoor or outdoor

Suppose if you choose to find indoor objects, the app shows the object name on the screen. It can be a table, window, bed, etc. And you will have to find and capture that object using the app camera.

If you capture a wrong object, the app tells you that you have captured a wrong object. At this point, you can take another snap or move forward to find the next object.

Similarly, when you’re done finding all 5 things for the camera, you can continue with the remaining area which can be either indoor or outdoor.

After playing the game, you get stars in reward as per the number of objects you find. If you find one object, you will get one star. Also, you can play again to find 5 things back to back to win 5 stars.

In brief

I loved the app as it helps kids to look around to find the correct object. This app is basically a camera through which you can capture the objects. The augmented reality of this app is the perfect experience for kids. So try this treasure hunt app and let the kids explore.

Try this app.

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