Powerful Anti Spyware Software: Arovax Shield

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Arovax Shield is an anti spyware software designed to eliminate all the different types of malicious agents from affecting or modifying your system. This anti spyware software proves itself to be an effective shield against spyware and malware threats, neutralizing them effectively. Unlike most other anti spyware software, Arovax Shield is a software available for free.

Downloading And Installation Of This Anti Spyware Software:

I downloaded the setup file and it was somewhere around 2 MB in size. I tried installing, but got an error message that the software will only get installed on Windows 98/XP/Vista. I was using Vista, so I was taken aback by the error message. However, after going ahead with force installation, I finally finished the setup. After clicking on the icon of Arovax Shield, I got another error which stated ‘file or device is missing, contact the provider’.

I was perplexed with these errors so finally had to install it on another system, which had a Windows XP operating system. Am not too sure if others have encountered similar problem, but I had a torrid experience while trying to install the software.

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Working Of This Anti Spyware Software:

The main working screen is divided into tabs. They are Log, Settings, Rules, Help and Info. Log provides a detailed statistic of the threats detected while scanning the system. Settings tab is concerned with the various different phases of dealing with the threats. You can manually control threat neutralization with this tab. Rules tab, governs the applications. The right to grant or deny access for an application can be controlled with this tab.

It works by detecting changes in the Autostart process and the Windows registry. If any changes are detected in these places, it quickly alerts the user.

Pros and Cons Of This Anti Spyware Software:

This anti spyware software is a powerful tool, which can keep your system safe from the spyware and malware threats. It has a detailed scanning system, accurate log information and a powerful threat neutralizing technique. The use of this software is a must for those who intend to protect their browsers from threats. Arovax Shield has the ability to protect your system from the different threats which circulate on the internet. It also does not interfere with your already existing antivirus system. This anti spyware software acts as a supplement to neutralize the Spyware and Malware threats, which may go unnoticed with an Anti-Virus.

Cons being the installation process. As I stated above, I had a horrible time installing the software, as there seemed to be no solution to the problem. Also, the software is designed to neutralize threats in the form of Spyware and Malware. It can’t act as an Anti-Virus.

Final Verdict

If you are constantly surfing the internet and are worried about the Spyware-Malware attacks, then Arovax Shield is a must for you. It will provide excellent protection to your system, from all these online threats.

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Works With: Windows XP, 2000, Vista,
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