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Sendori is a free software which will ensure secured web browsing, faster navigation and protection against phishing and malware. It is a multipurpose browsing helper which will help you in different ways to get you to your favorite websites faster.


There are huge numbers of domains on the internet which are all different but sometimes the difference become so tiny that the users mistake one site as other site and get affected by frauds. There are many sites on the internet which look almost similar to your favorite websites. For example if you are going to Facebook.acom and type by mistake you will find that you are taken to a website. So the name is not left unused. To be safe from such mistakes this free browser based software will help you.

Firstly it will use autocorrect when you mistype any general webpage’s name on the address bar. As a result there will be no chance of mistyping any important web address. Secondly this software will also have the blacklist of malware distributing sites and scam sites. Because fake sites are not the only malicious sites out there. There are also some sites which have something you are searching for but it will give that to you in exchange of some malware. To protect you from that sort of websites Sendori features such a blacklist which is being updated round the clock and you can check their continuous updates on the homepage of their website.

That’s not everything about Sendori. This free browsing assistant also speeds up your access to about ten thousand websites. So Sendori is altogether a complete web browsing solution solving most of your possible problems and threats. Whether you are unhappy about the speed of the page appearance of the websites you use daily or you just want to be safe from the online phishing or malwares Sendori should be an assuring solution for you.

If you want to try other software for secure browser, you can try Loki VPN, OpenDNS and JAP reviewed by us.

Features of Sendori:

  • Feature rich: It is a software with multiple features. Phishing, malwares and typos on the address bar. This software is the solution to them all.
  • Easy to use: Using this software does not require any skill. It will act like just an assistant in your daily browsing activities.
  • Faster navigation: Sendori will also increase the speed of about ten thousand websites in your pc.

Download Sendori free.

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Works With: Windows 7, Vista and XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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