Free Modern and Secure Internet Browser for Windows XP: Mypal Browser

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Mypal Browser is a free modern and secure internet browser for Windows XP. This is based on Pale Moon Browser, which in turn is a fork of Firefox. It has its own set of plugins and browser apps that you will like it, and it is currently maintained. All the modern websites will load perfectly on it, and you will not get any kind of “update your browser” error. Just install it and use it like any other browser.

On Windows XP, there is no supported version of any latest browser available right now. All the popular browser such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox support Windows 7 or up. Only their legacy versions(unmaintained) are available, but you will run into many errors on webpages if you use them because web has changed a lot since then.

One of the most common issue that you are going to face is on YouTube, and it might even won’t work as it will keep telling you to update the browser. If you are on Windows XP for some reasons then you need a browser that supports all the modern designing and security standards and Mypal is the best option for that.

Free Modern and Secure Internet Browser for Windows XP Mypal Browser

Free Modern and Secure Internet Browser for Windows XP: Mypal Browser

You can go ahead and download it from here. Install and then wait for the download process to complete.
Here are the list of features that you will find it this XP supported browser.

Mypal Browser Install

  • History, Downloads Manager, and Private Mode: Just like all the modern browser, you will have access to all the pages you have visited and all the files you have downloaded on an organized interface. You can search for any previously website and clear it in a click. There is a Firefox’s like Private Mode as well that you can use for incognito browsing.
  • Browse without images: To increase overall page speed, you can opt for image-less browsing mode. In this mode, it will not load images on websites thus increase the load times. This feature can be useful in certain situations.
    Built-in Search Engine Support: It supports Google, Bing, Ecosia, Twitter, Wikipedia, like search engines out of the box. You can make a search query on any of these and even make one of these a default search engine of the Maypal browser.
  • Simple Tab Manager: Even though, it has a simple interface, it offers you a simple Tab manager as well. You can see the tab preview for all opened tabs and then quickly jump to any with simple keyboard navigation.
  • RSS and Podcast Viewer: It has applications for web feed and podcasts viewing built right in, and you can use them with ease.
  • Some Privacy Options: For enhanced privacy, you can to enable “Do not Track”. Also, there is an option in it to use the browser without keeping track of the history. And you can do this is in non-private window.
  • Themes and Customization: It supports plenty of themes, and you can download and install them from the Pale Moons’ extensions websites. Apart from this there are some other customization features that it supports such as changing the default font and size of the text, color and background of text, and color of links.

The interface is simple, and UI components are self-explanatory. You just enter the URL of a website or make a web search. It loads web pages at fairly good speed, and you can zoom in and out on the loaded webpages.

Mypal load websites

YouTube works flawlessly on Mypal as well. You can sign in with your Google account and enjoy the videos.
It is extensible, and you can go to the plugins manage from the Tools section to install or uninstall plugins. To install new plugins, you can get them at Pale Moon plugins website.

Mypal YouTube

There is a dedicated History section where you can see a list of all the previously visited websites. Next to the history, there is a Bookmarks section where you can see all your favorite websites and RSS feeds. It stored RSS feeds as live bookmarks. It will display the RSS icon for Websites that supports RSS feed.

Mypal History

For tweaking and configuring the browser settings and browsing behavior, you open the Preferences from the Tools. Configure the different settings based on your needs from the different sections there.

Mypal Preferences

This is all about this simple, powerful, and secure Internet browser for Windows XP. Just install it if you’ve got an XP OS on your old PC or in a virtual machine. It has all that will need to browser internet fast and securely. The only downside that you may encounter here is the availability of a number of add-ons. Pale Moon only has a handful of plugins, and you may not find some popular extensions such as Grammarly, Ublock Origins, etc.

Final thoughts:

Mypal Browser is no doubt is the best choice for Windows XP users. Though I believe there is a tiny minority of such users around the world, they still need to have access to the latest tools to make XP a nice OS to fulfill all their needs. So, if you are one of those people looking for a browser that will work without throwing webpage errors on XP, then you are at the right place.

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