Free f.lux Alternative Software To Auto Change Screen Brightness By Time

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LightBulb is a free f.lux alternative software to automatically change screen brightness over time. So, as the day passes by, the screen brightness changes automatically time to time. Your computer screen brightness will look warmer (light yellow color) at night and when you are using PC in day mode, it will adjust the screen as per that mode. Although, f.lux software is one of the best software to change screen brightness according to time, but if f.lux is not working fine on your PC/laptop and you are looking for an alternative, then Lightbulb can be a good choice.

This software also lets you set transition duration (1.30 hour, 1 hour, etc.) which is used to set how long does it take to switch between day and night temperatures. Apart from that, you can manually adjust the day-time and night-time color temperature. It provides separate sliders to adjust screen brightness for both times and you can also preview the brightness level on your entire desktop screen when adjusting the brightness.

This software automatically detects your current location, sunrise, and sunset time (can be adjusted manually also), and then changes screen brightness based on the default or custom settings. One of its interesting features is that you can activate 24 hours clock cycle to preview how your screen brightness will change in the 24 hours. This is an amazing feature that I like a lot.

default and adjusted brightness

Above you can see an example about the screen brightness change using this software. A warm effect is visible when you are using PC at night and the screen brightness gets brighter automatically in day light.

How To Use This Free f.lux Alternative Software To Automatically Change Screen Brightness?

Grab the installer of this software and install it. It will run silently in the system tray. You can leave it running with default settings and it will change screen brightness automatically.

However, when you want to customize the options, then double-click on its tray icon and a pop-up will open. In that pop-up, you will see day-time and night-time color temperature options. You can use sliders to adjust color and preview the brightness level on the desktop screen. Options to run 24-hour cycle to preview screen brightness for the entire day and transition duration are also available that you can use as per your needs.

set day and night time color, transition duration

Apart from this, you can also adjust sunset and sunrise time for your location and enable/disable temperature smoothing using the icons available on the top right corner in the pop-up.

set sunrise and sunset time

Set the options and then let this software help you change screen brightness automatically based on the time.

You can also enable/disable this software and set to disable it for 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. For this, you need to right-click its system tray icon and use the options as per your wish.

enable or disable software

Do the changes and use the software.

The Verdict:

This software is definitely a good alternative to f.lux and works very well to change screen brightness according to time. It will help to protect your eyes by changing the screen brightness to optimal level.

Get this software.

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